SISTER WIVES Did Christine Brown only get $10 for her Coyote Pass property? There may be more to the story.

Christine Brown is not only out of the marriage with Kody Brown, she also no longer owns land on the still undeveloped Coyote Pass property. Headlines have been reporting that Christine sold her share of the land to Kody and Robyn for only $10. That may not be the full story, though.

What’s more likely is that they used “Nominal Consideration” which give an amount in name only, usually $10, in order to keep the real sale price private. This is a practice often done even with private citizens, but the incentive to have a nominal price increases when you’re in the public eye.

Christine’s stake in the Coyote Pass property was the largest parcel of land at 4.48 acres and was always owned by Christine, Kody, and Robyn jointly. The property was paid in full and was worth about $300,000 in 2018. With the explosive housing market in recent years, especially in Flagstaff, it may be worth quite a bit more now.

Kody has expressed his desire to have his own house on Coyote Pass, so having Christine’s parcel of land free could give him an opportunity to build his own dream home. As of now, Janelle and Meri still own Coyote Pass property.

Here is a full break down of how Coyote Pass was divided before and after Christine’s departure based on the actual property records:

Christine sold her Flagstaff, Arizona home in October 2021 for $700,000. Kody’s name had been removed from the property the previous year.

Sister Wives returns to TLC on September 11, 2022, so viewers will get a better inside look at Christine’s departure from Flagstaff, and from polygamy, soon.

Even though Christine has split from Kody, she’s been staying close with Jenelle and her children, whom she helped raise. She’s also been doing a lot more with Jenelle to promot their shared MLM Plexus.

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