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LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Haley still dating Dalton? Is she pregnant?

WE tv aired a “Where Are They Now?” special Thursday night that included Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole. However, A LOT has happened since Haley filmed the special, including multiple Dalton arrests, a new boyfriend, and Haley hinting that she may be pregnant!?

Keep reading to get ALL caught up with Haley, including her emotional response to the Where Are They Now? episode after she received A LOT of criticism for dating Dalton again.

SISTER WIVES This is why Gwen skipped Christine’s wedding, plus find out where Christine went for her honeymoon

There has been a lot of speculation from Sister Wives fans about why Gwen was Christine’s only child who did not attend her wedding to David Woolley on October 7, 2023. Even Leon and all of Janelle’s children were in attendance, so it is a bit odd. Thankfully, Gwen has clarified why she didn’t attend the event.

Farrah Abraham compares her battery case to conflict in Middle East

As we reported earlier, former Froco Fresh Frozen yogurt shop owner Farrah Abraham got some good news in her California battery case after she allegedly slapped an LA club security guard in January of 2022.

Farrah Abraham has since responded to the court case outcome by comparing her altercation with the security guard to the current conflict in the Middle East. “I’m Jerusalem & security is Hummus lying with terrorism tactics that fail,” Farrah wrote. Yes, she wrote “Hummus” instead of Hamas.

Farrah Abraham battery arrest update: community service and diversion

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had another court date this week in regards to her battery charge after allegedly slapping a club security guard in January of 2022. Farrah’s arrest went viral after video was released of security having to pin her down to the sidewalk while waiting for police to arrive.

Keep reading for the results from the hearing, which seemed to go in Farrah’s favor.

UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan is engaged to JJ Della PHOTOS VIDEO

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan is engaged to JJ Della! The engagement is just the latest in a wild couple of years for Jenna that includes breaking up with Aden, getting a boob job, gaining a stepdad, and getting pregnant for the second time!

Keep reading to see photos and video from JJ’s romantic beach proposal, including little Luca stealing the show with a floral delivery!