MY UNORTHODOX LIFE Are Ra’ed Saade, Robert Brotherton still together?

In the season two finale of My Unorthodox Life we see Ra’ed Saade propose to Robert Brotherton. Fans were so excited!

Are the pair still together? We’ve been stalking their social media and honestly we we’re getting mixed signals… until their newest post.

Check it out below.

My Unorthodox Life

My Unorthodox Life premiered in 2021 and so far has given us two great seasons. The Netflix reality show follows Julia Haart, her family and associates as she navigates life after leaving her Orthodox Jewish community.

The cast includes her children: Shlomo, Batsheva, Miriam and Aron… as well as her business assistant and friend Robert Brotherton.

The series is promised to come back for a season three, and honestly we can’t wait. In the finale of season two there was a major marriage proposal between Brotherton and Arab influencer Ra’ed Saade – and we’ve been dying to see how the story plays out!

Ra’ed Saade

Ra’ed Saade was a charismatic addition to season two. He is introduced on My Orthodox Life as Robert Brotherton’s love interest, and their relationship causes quite the stir, as Haart’s daughter Batsheva doesn’t think they’re the best match… at first.

Saade is pretty open about being… open… wanting to date and experience men outside of his otherwise adorable relationship with Robert.

The Arab influencer hasn’t posted much with Brotherton in the off season of the show, which made us a little worried that Robert took his “yes” to the proposal back.

Saade has mostly been promoting his own career, including hosting many “Arab Nights” for both club goers and young professionals.

Robert Brotherton

Robert Brotherton was Julia Haart’s assistant at Elite World Group before she was unexpectedly dropped from the company during a bitter divorce from ex-Silvio Scaglia.

Brotherton remains close with the Haart family, and also has mostly been promoting his own things on social media separate from Saade… including a budding singing career.

The 34 year old is also very open about his use of Ozempic… and while we know the drug is controversial, we must say he does look pretty dang good.

Ra’ed and Robert

Ra’ed proposed to Robert in the season two finale of My Unorthodox Life, and move that shocked many – including Brotherton.

Though Ra’ed likes the more “open” relationship lifestyle, he knew he didn’t want to lose his true love.

Are Ra’ed and Robert still together? Until today, honestly, we were on the fence. Because the two barely ever post together we were worried maybe the couple split… but then they made a joint announcement.

The pair and joining together to perform live, sharing their passion of singing with a New York audience, as well as with each other.

The couple (?) posted from a date (?) last night – where Ra’ed seems to have taken Robert out for traditional Arab food. The Instagram story includes a heart – a really good sign for those hoping their still together.

Are Saade and Brotherton playing it coy as if not to spoil us for My Unorthodox Life season three, or have the two moved on? While we don’t know for sure… their newest joint venture gives us a lot of hope.

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