TEEN MOM Did Jenelle Eason pay for her boat with OF money?

Jenelle Eason OnlyFans money paid for her boat

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason surprised her hatters™ late last month when she revealed on social media that she and her husband, David Eason, had purchased a rather large boat.

The boat, which was later revealed to be a 38-foot 1988 Bayliner, was located in Virginia and was listed for sale with a price of $57,500. Jenelle and David saw a great opportunity to take some additional time away from their children, so they went to Virginia and drove the boat back to North Carolina.

As with pretty much everything Jenelle and David do, there was quite a bit of drama on their trip back. “Why didn’t anyone tell us the Outer Banks waves are like 5ft swells?” Jenelle asked on Instagram last week. “🙄😂😫 We made it but never been so scared in my life,” she added.

Jenelle later posted a Tiktok video of herself in bed on the boat with David. “Hyping myself up to drive my boat down the NC coast, because we almost didn’t make it through the Outer Banks on the ocean,” she captioned the clip.

Here’s a tour of the boat from Jenelle, after they lived through their own version of The Perfect Storm:


Part 2 – #BoatTour ⚓️❤️

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

And more info from @tm_chatter:


Rumors quickly swirled online as hatters™ tried to figure out how the Easons were able to afford the boat. There was speculation that it was rented, and also a rumor that Jenelle was using her son Jace’s MTV trust fund money after she recently regained custody of him.

That latter rumor gained a little momentum due to a blind item posted on Crazy Days and Nights on Friday. “Don’t you think the mom of the former Teen mom would call out her daughter if she was raiding a trust account for boats and vacations?” the blind reads. “Or, would it be a case of stones at glass houses?”

Jenelle laughed off the rumors that she and David were using Jace’s trust fund, and yesterday she shared a Tiktok video of herself on the boat with the words: “Not even a year starting a $picy $ite 🔥.”

As most everyone who follows reality stars on social media is well aware, “spicy site” is a non-flag-able term for OnlyFans. Jenelle and David both have OnlyFans accounts, and it seems clear that Jenelle is suggesting that they were able to buy the boat from their earnings on the site.

Did Jenelle Eason pay for her boat with OnlyFans money?

It seems completely believable that Jenelle and David’s boat was paid for with OnlyFans money.

Twitter user @ustacouId (aka Roux) has a long, spotless track record for sharing inside information about the Easons, especially when it comes to their legal issues and finances. The account previously revealed that Jenelle had about 2,000 subscribers paying $20 a month each, which equals $40,000 a month net (before taxes and before OnlyFans gets their cut).

Even if Jenelle was taking home just half that amount, it doesn’t take many months at $20k a month to be able to afford a boat priced under $60,000!

Soon after Jenelle first posted about the boat and there were a lot of people wondering if it was rented, Roux tweeted simply: “They bought it 🛥️🌊.”

That was followed by a couple of intereactions that probably helped fuel the Jace trust fund rumors:

TWEET: Wow! That’s extremely expensive. Do you know if they used Jace’s trust to purchase it? How else would they get that much money?

ROUX: I’m gonna wait on answering that

TWEET: Let me guess. It’s an investment. They can rent it out, and it will pay for itself.


TWEET: New BMW, new boat… are they still doing onlyfans?

ROUX: The BMW was a rental

Perhaps because he/she was aware that her previous tweet might have some people believing that Jenelle and David were raiding Jace’s MTV trust fund, Roux returned to Twitter today to clarify.

“She paid cash for it from OF,” Roux revealed. As I mentioned before, Roux’s track record when it comes to insider info on the Easons is spotless, so I think we can be fairly confident that the Easons used OnlyFans money to pay for their $57,500 boat outright.

As folks replied with astonishment over the fact that Jenelle is able to make money via the spicy site, Roux reminded everyone that Jenelle is bringing in big bucks from multiple websites.

“Y’all have to remember she also gets paid for the amount of social media engagements,” Roux tweeted. “Tiktok, IG, FB. Why do you think she makes those goofy posts on Fb? She gets tons of comments from haters. So y’all afford her lifestyle…think about it.”

In response to a private tweet that appears to be pointing out how the hatters™ are actually the ones financing the Easons, including those using alternate or fake accounts, Roux shared this affirmative response:

100%…some of these ppl think it’s cute to keep creating new tiktok accts to comment on her tiktoks, all the while supporting her trips, land toys, boats and whatever else David wants.

Starcasm is doing its part to help insure Jenelle and David don’t have nice things because we’re banned by both on basically every social media platform 😂.

Now, we all just wait for the couple to announce their new Outer Banks boat tour business, which will attract all kinds of thrill seekers who love to flirt with death. Stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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