Meet new Unexpected mom Kayleigh, dad Graham and son Easton

TLC Unexpected Kayleigh Graham and son Easton

TLC’s popular teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected will be returning for a new season later this year with two returning moms and two new moms. Show vets Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan are the returning moms.

Starcasm previously introduced our readers to new cast members Emalee, Nate and Westley from Astoria, Oregon. Now we can share some information about the other new additions to the cast: Kayleigh, Graham and Easton!

Kayleigh and Graham are from the small western Kentucky town of Princeton. Kayleigh is a cheerleader, soccer player and softball player. Graham is also into sports and plays running back on the Caldwell County High School football team.

According to their Facebook profiles, Kayleigh and Graham have been in a relationship since August of 2019. (More than three-and-a-half years together is a LOOONG time for high schoolers!)

TLC Unexpected Kayleigh's son Easton

Kayleigh gave birth to a baby boy, Easton, on March 16, 2023. So, Easton just turned one month old this weekend! If you’re paying close attention you will realize that the two babies being added this season are Westley and Easton.

Kayleigh and Graham appear to still be in a relationship. Of course, as many fans of the various teen pregnancy reality series know, the first few months after the birth are often the most difficult on young relationships.

It doesn’t appear as though Kayleigh or Graham have graduated high school yet, but I cannot confirm that. As soon as we have confirmation (and/or their ages) we will be sure to update the post!

Kayleigh and Graham from TLC Unexpected

One thing I discovered while researching the young parents is that Graham’s stepdad passed away in 2016 at the age of just 34. I don’t know the details of his passing, but I have to assume that tragic event did a lot to shape Graham’s life and will be a big part of his story on the show.

After the initial news broke that Kayleigh and Graham were joining the cast of Unexpected Season 6, there were rumors swirling that they were friends of former Unexpected moms Tyra and Tiarra Boisseau. I could find no evidence to support that rumor.

I believe the rumor started simply because initial reports stated Kayleigh and Graham are from Kentucky. Princeton is actually more than an hour from Russellville, where the Boisseaus are from.

When will Unexpected be back for another season? The Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook page was the first to break the news about the identities of the new moms, and page admin Susanna Resch also replied to a commenter asking when Unexpected Season 6 will premiere:

Unfortunately there isn’t an exact date released yet, but since they are just now completing filming with the new cast members, we can only assume that at earliest would be another August release. But, that’s again just my personal assumption. There has not been any word at all — not even from production or cast members. Nobody at this point knows exactly when. I will definitely keep the group posted as soon as I hear anything I will let you guys know.

Hell, they might surprise us and finish up editing and give us a mid summer premiere. Ha, doubt it, IMO that’s highly unlikely, but either way they need to hurry it up.

Stay tuned for more Unexpected updates!

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