NYC PREP Where are they now: Sebastian Oppenheim

It’s been 14 years since Bravo’s “real life Gossip Girl” graced our screens.

Where is star Sebastian Oppenheim now? Is the floppy-haired NYC Prep player still a lady killer or has he finally settled down?

NYC Prep

NYC Prep is a one season wonder from Bravo which aired during the summer of 2009. Billed as a “real life Gossip Girl,” cameras followed the privileged lives of six elite teenagers living in Manhattan.

Kelli, Camille, PC, Jessie, Taylor and Sebastian (Oppenheim) made up the cast of high school “cool kids” documented in their junior and senior years.

Created by Liz Alderman and Matt O’Brien, the series boasts only 9 episodes… but regardless, it made a big impact on fans.

Sebastian Oppenheim

Sebastian Oppenheim was a player, by private school standards. His signature long hair, which he often flipped out of his eyes, personified his carefree “chill” approach to life.

Though cameras were not allowed to film at their schools or mention any names at the time, we know that Oppenheim graduated from the famed Ross School with the class of 2011.

Sebastian attended the College of Charleston, a public university, after his graduation. He majored in International Relations with a concentration in Africa. We didn’t expect THAT from this NYC Prep playboy.

Has Sebastian Oppenheim settled down?

Though he once boasted scoring with “2-16 girls a month,” it turns out Sebastian Oppenheim has actually gotten his act together.

Husband to the super amazing food blogger “Dining with Skyler,” Seb and Skyler Oppenheim have been married since 2019.

Sebastian Oppenheim is one of the easiest of the NYC Prep cast to keep up with, as he’s active on both his own Instagram, as well as his wife’s foodie page.

A doting husband, Oppenheim is also listed as head of real-estate at Rove on LinkedIn. Not quite African studies, but a very respectable job, nonetheless.

While he hasn’t been in the media spotlight in a while, he did appear on Watch What Happens Live in 2021, so the chances of a reality tv comeback are always a possibility.

Oppenheim currently resides with his wife Skyler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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