SISTER WIVES Paedon Brown acts combative discussing David Woolley VIDEO

While the world seems happy for Sister Wives star Christine Brown and her new engagement, her son Paedon Brown makes it clear that he will “never be close” with step dad David Woolley.

See the live stream where he acts combative towards commenters and says it’s “perfectly okay” that he doesn’t support his parents.

Sister Wives

Christine Brown was Kody Brown’s third wife from 1994 to 2021. During that time, the pair starred on TLC’s Sister Wives, along with Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown.

With the addition of a fourth wife, Christine found herself struggling in her relationship. While they all swear Robyn isn’t the reason for the family’s downfall, she is currently Kody’s only remaining wife.

Christine and Kody had 6 children together, one of which is Paedon Brown – their outspoken 24 year old son who loves to live stream his opinions – most of which tend to come off as controversial.

David Woolley

Christine officially left Kody Brown in November 2021 and shortly after she met “the love of her life,” widow David Woolley. The couple’s relationship seems to be on the fast track, having announced their engagement after 4 short months of dating.

David Woolley pops up on Christine’s Instagram frequently, accompanying her and her children on various travels and always referring to Brown as “his queen.

So why wouldn’t her children support this union? Paedon spoke out during a recent video and explained why he will NEVER be close with Woolley.

Paedon vs. David

Paedon Brown went off on his mom’s recent engagement, saying that she “needs to be aware she’s rushing it.” When someone in the comments section says “please don’t comment on your mom’s relationship,” Brown grows combative and begins to talk so fast he’s practically rambling:

Why not? I can’t comment on my mom’s relationship? Pretty sure I’m completely allowed to comment on my mom’s relationship as she’s my mother.


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According to Paedon, Christine has asked him how she feels about the situation and he was clear:

I told her that I’d probably never be very close with him. But that’s not a problem at all. My mom was never very close to her step dad. And that’s okay. (…) I’ll probably never be close to David but that’s perfectly okay. She’s happy.

Later in the video Brown makes an odd statement saying “it’ll never turn violent, I’ll never hit him, he’ll never hit me.” WHY would Paedon feel the need to clarify this? Possibly because of his past domestic issues against his family.

Paedon hit Gwendlyn

Both Paedon and his sister Gwendlyn Brown have told the story of when Paedon got too aggressive and slapped Gwen across the face.

In fact, during Gwen’s wedding planning process, she’s confessed that all of her siblings, including Robyn’s brood, will be invited to her nuptials except for Paedon Brown.

What is going on with Paedon and why is he acting so erratic? Time will only tell… but he’s sure to keep going on live to air his dirty laundry… so stay tuned!

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