LOVE IN PARADISE Jordan Mason was married, divorced years AFTER hooking up with Everton?

90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise Jordan Mason divorce

The third season of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise introduces viewers to Jordan Mason, a 38-year-old nudist former eyelash extension artist turned cake-squatting fetish video auteur from Dallas, Texas. Jordan is flying down to Jamaica to meet up with her boo Everton, a boat captain she first hooked up with more than a decade earlier.

What Jordan doesn’t mention on the show is that she was married in the middle of her on-and-off-again relationship with Everton!

“I met Everton 12 years ago when I was in Grand Cayman for a friend’s wedding,” Jordan says during her intro. “The wedding party chartered a boat, and he was our boat captain for the day. And I remember the second we saw each other, it was an immediate, magnetic kind of chemistry. And that started the beginning of a passionate love affair.”

Jordan continues, revealing that she and Everton haven’t been together the whole time. “My relationship with Everton has been on and off for twelve years, but even when I’ve been in relationships with other people, Everton has always been in the background,” she says.

So, Everton must have been “in the background” while Jordan was married to a now-46-year-old personal trainer. According to court documents, Jordan filed for divorce on February 16, 2016. Her husband filed for divorce one day later in another county, but his filing was later dismissed.

Jordan’s divorce was finalized on April 20, 2016.

The divorce filing reveals that Jordan and her husband had no children at the time. Jordan got the house, which was bought under her name in July of 2015. (More on that soon! EDIT: See tweet below!) Jordan also got sole custody of her debts to multiple companies, including at least four credit cards, a couple furniture stores, and Victoria’s Secret.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal anywhere in the divorce filing when the couple originally married. Jordan is listed as a “married woman” when she bought her house in July of 2015, but that’s the earliest confirmation I could find.

It will be interesting to see if the fact that Jordan was married in the midst of dating Everton “on and off” will come up on the show. Perhaps it will be one of those trademark Sharp Entertainment “bombshell secret” moments that the 90 Day Fiance franchise is so famous for?

And speaking of bombshell secrets, we’re revealing another, MUCH BIGGER one for Jordan soon — so stay tuned!

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