UNEXPECTED Tyra Boisseau is pregnant with 2nd child PHOTOS

Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau is pregnant with her second child she confirms

After weeks of speculation and rumors, Unexpected mom Tyra Boisseau finally confirms that she is currently pregnant with her second child.

Tyra made the announcement with a maternity photo shoot gallery posted on Instagram. The gallery features three photos of Tyra looking pretty far along with a sizable baby bump.

Tyra has the comments turned off and she simply wrote “mommy x2 💕” for the caption. Here’s the gallery:

The new arrival will join 4-year-old big sister Layla. Tyra has yet to reveal any additional details, including the sex of the baby or her due date. However, the 22-year-old former reality star reportedly commented on Tiktok that she is due June 27. She certainly looks as though she could be seven months pregnant in the photos!

UPDATE – Tyra did a live stream and her daughter Layla spilled the beans with an impromptu gender reveal! Tyra is having… A BOY! Here’s part of Tyra’s live in which she talks about waiting to reveal her pregnancy. Layla jumps in and it isn’t long before she reveals she’s getting a little brother:

It’s unclear who the father of Tyra’s second child is, but it is rumored to be Layla’s dad, Alex Wilson.

One of the main reasons the Tyra pregnancy rumor took off earlier this month is because a fan who saw Tyra at a local Walmart commented that she was “big pregnant!” That fan also revealed that Tyra was with Alex and Layla, and she shared a photo of the father and daughter at the store.

Alex and Tyra getting back together has been a divisive topic of debate online. As fans of the show are aware, Alex has since fathered another child with another woman — a relationship that DID NOT go over well with Tyra or her fans!

Speaking of things not going over well with Tyra, she was not happy about the Walmart photo being posted and the fan claiming she was pregnant. From our previous post:

In one of her numerous recent live streams, Tyra reacted to the pregnancy rumors and the Walmart photo. “I could be f***ing fat,” she argued at one point, in reference to the photographer claiming she was pregnant based on her physical appearance. “I could have gained f***ing a hundred pounds…and I’m just so insecure about it, and that’s why I’m not showing my body any more,” she added. “Y’all have no idea.”

Well, now we have an idea. Congratulations Tyra! We will certainly keep our eyes out for more information! I predict we will be seeing a gender reveal Tiktok video by the end of the week. ❤️🔮💙

Tiarra Boisseau responds to Tyra’s pregnancy

Tyra Boisseau’s pregnancy announcement has gotten some mixed reactions among fans of the show. Tyra’s sister (and Unexpected co-star), Tiarra Boisseau, has been busy on Instagram defending her sister. The sisters’ co-star Myrka Arriaga also chimed in.

Here are some of the comments left by Tiarra on @thetlcunexpected’s Instagram post about Tyra being pregnant again, including Myrka’s comment:

TIARRA: Y’all are so double sided lol. For one why does it matter who the baby’s dad is. Why does it matter if she’s having her second kid. She’s 22 years old lmao Layla is 4 years old she can have as many kids as she wants. Always worried about another women’s coochie 🫣 but yet y’all on the same group congratulating a kid on her 3rd child with her second baby daddy. Keep the same energy. Not on here to argue but we too old to bully someone. She already didn’t get to announce on her own let her have her moment.

COMMENTER 1: @tiarraboisseau you and her both have profited from every person who continues to watch/follow for updates and not everyone is gonna have a positive opinion. Sorry.

TIARRA: I don’t profit from TLC anymore neither does she so the fact we still get posted is beyond me. The people who watch me and support me now don’t hide behind the screen and bully people.

COMMENTER 1: @tiarraboisseau you have your followers because of it, which you do profit from still. Y’all only get mad when ppl don’t agree or pretend to agree w what you’re doing.

TIARRA: I really don’t care if you do or don’t agree. 🤷🏼‍♀️ everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There is a difference between an opinion and bullying. I just don’t see why people care what a grown women is doing with her life. Weird. Could never b me.

COMMENTER 2: @tiarraboisseau I’m 22 just had my second baby in December to my second baby daddy with a 3 year old from a past failed relationship, the fact that these people on here judging her for living her life while they’re out there doing probably more messed up things is beyond me. It’s crazy because if she was never on Unexpected no one would’ve cared but the fact that she was it’s like they think they can say what they want and try to shame her. There is nothing to shame, she’s beautiful and has a beautiful family and worked so hard for it like we all have. Smh people just stay out of everyone’s business and let them be happy and live. All we have is time so enjoy it while we can. Love y’all💕💕

TIARRA: There are a lot of people who can probably relate to her but instead they hide behind a screen and pretend they are better than the next. We know the baby will be loved and very well taken care of and that’s all that should matter. Thank you beautiful! 💕

MYRKA: If y’all aren’t the ones directly providing for this child and their needs y’all have NO opinion.

TIARRA: @myr.ka1612 🗣️🗣️‼️‼️‼️

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