SUMMER HOUSE Paige DeSorbo’s career featured in The New York Times

Even though haters are convinced she never leaves her bed, Paige DeSorbo is actually kicking ass.

The New York Times recently featured the star of Bravo’s Summer House to highlight her success with selling live on Amazon.

Find out more from their article “The Companies Trying to Make Live Shopping a Thing in the U.S.”

Paige DeSorbo

Paige DeSorbo, 30, is star of Bravo’s hit reality series Summer House. The show has ran for 7 seasons, with DeSorbo participating since season 3.

During this time Paige has come up as an “it girl,” with a popular podcast Giggly Squad, her own pillow creations from Sewing Down South, and even her own line of nail polish with GLOSSLAB.

Currently dating Bravo celeb and co star Craig Conover, the two both have careers on the upward trajectory, despite what haters say.

Paige of The New York Times

The New York Times recently featured a write up called “The Companies Trying to Make Live Shopping a Thing in the U.S.

Written byJordyn Holman and 

DeSorbo was no doubt included, because of her skills at pushing affordable outfit pieces via Amazon Live. Being a super adorable influencer certainly doesn’t hurt her cause:

People trust me on certain things, so they want my opinion on whether it’s fashion or beauty. When I’m talking to them on live, I do feel like it’s more, we’re friends.

Many wonder how celebs make money doing this – the article tells it like it is: (Paige) receives a flat hosting fee from Amazon and commissions when people buy the products she highlights.

The Paige DeSorbo Show

There have been many installments of The Paige DeSorbo Show on Amazon Live. Staying true to her roots, DeSorbo often features affordable “dupes” and/or accessible items that wont break the bank.

The Summer House star has hosted her show weekly since 2021, with a small crew of two camera operators, one set designer and one producer.

Fans are allowed to ask questions during the live broadcasts, giving “regular people” a glimpse inside what it’s like to dress like a celebrity.

We are so proud of Paige DeSorbo’s many accomplishments… and we cant wait to see which of her signature matching sets she suggests for us next!

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