Do you believe Lisa Vanderpump’s excuse for PUMP Restaurant closing?

Fans have many different theories about why Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump is closing the doors of PUMP Restaurant in West Hollywood so abruptly.

Read the owner’s rationale here… and find out the “real” reason for the shut down.

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump has been a television figure since her debut on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2010. Interest in her hospitality businesses led to the beak out series Vanderpump Rules in 2013.

Vanderpump Rules is primarily filmed at SUR, however Vanderpump’s other restaurant aptly titled PUMP was featured on the show many times, as well.

Patrons of PUMP got some unsettling news when the owners announced that the West Hollywood establishment would be closing after 10 years.

Lisa Vanderpump’s official statement

Lisa Vanderpump explained the closing first to TMZ:

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce that the lease at Pump Restaurant is expiring, and we will be closing its doors on July 5th, after 10 years of beautiful evenings under our olive trees

While we have loved our time operating Pump, to take on another 10-year lease with a huge increase in rent by the landlords is not something we are ready to commit to. After successfully running 37+ establishments for many years, this type of rent is untenable.

LVP fan theories

Skeptics believe that Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant is closing because it failed. LVP says it high rent rates are to blame, but many think the millionaire mogul is hiding something.

Even though the annual rent of $1M for the property is high, Vanderpump’s estimated net worth is approx. $90M.

Lisa V’s fans don’t think that this will effect Lisa’s businesses at all, and support the tv queen through it all. They take Vanderpump’s word for it that the rent was just too high to renew the lease and that this is NOT a sign that Lisa can’t afford it.

Do you think PUMP is closing because LVP is responsible, or because she’s… well… irresponsible!? The jury seems to be out.

Pump restaurant will close its doors on July 5, 2023 so there is still time to patron the establishment before it closes forever.

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