DINING WITH SKYLER Skyler Bouchard Oppenheim: NYC Prep wifey, foodie extraordinaire

With all the drama on social media, be honest – sometimes you just want to scroll through mouthwatering recipes.

Dining with Skyler, Skyler Bouchard Oppenheim’s foodie persona, posts the BEST free content, and is making a name for herself outside of her recognizable husband (Sebastian from NYC Prep.)

Skyler Bouchard Oppenheim

Skyler Bouchard Oppenheim wears many hats… one of them being a toque blanche.

An Instagram/TikTok sensation, her food blog Dining with Skyler has blown up recently, due to easy to follow recipes offered free to her followers.

Married to Sebastian Oppenheim from NYC Prep (aka the best reality show of all time) since 2019, the beautiful blonde has been busy cooking for husband Seb, and now offers her delicious food to the masses.

In her own words, Oppenheim describes her history with the culinary arts and how she made it her career:

I’m not your conventional recipe developer and I haven’t always been on the cooking side of the culinary industry. Believe it or not, I used to review restaurants as a passion project, which turned into my full-time job. — To be more specific, it all started in October 2012 at a restaurant in Soho, as I was solo-dining and eating black pudding waffles with foie gras butter. I started an Instagram account to document the unique meal on my plate and little did I know, that was the first tiny step in the direction of my culinary career. I have always been hungry: to learn, to eat, and to excel.

Dining with Skyler

Dining with Skyler is a blog, an Instagram account, a TikTok (FoodTok?) and so much more.

Her recipes are both classy and easily achievable at home, an aspect Skyler sticks to… she wants you to be able to replicate her creations!

Making a name for herself, the culinary queen was recently featured on the Today Show. She has also had her own Amazon LIVE, as well as being featured on Food Network Digital.

Dining with Skyler’s next move

Dining with Skyler is taking over, and celebrating a huge milestone in May… her first pop up dinner!

For those in the Wilmington area, you can purchase your tickets for her “Sunday Supper” now. Oppenheim also tells us that there will be a second pop up in June in Philadelphia… where she currently resides with Sebastian.

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