RHOA Update on Marlo Hampton’s sister’s arrest and court case

Marlo Hampton RHOA Season 18

Marlo Hampton returns to The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 18 as a main cast member — and as “munty” to her two nephews, Michael and William.

In case you missed it, Marlo took in her nephews in April of 2019 due to their mother’s issues with drugs and mental health. “My sister has mental issues; she’s bipolar and schizophrenic,” the 47-year-old reality star revealed to The New York Post in November of 2019. “My nephew called crying and said, ‘Aunty, can you come get me? The people are coming to take my mom.’ My nephews came to me in April.”

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 17, Marlo and her nephews filmed a scene in which they spoke with her sister in jail. It was clear during the call that the boys’ mom was not doing well mentally, and Marlo revealed to the cameras that her sister was refusing treatment offered to her by the courts.

As we previously reported, the defense attorney filed a motion in December of 2021 to determine if Marlo’s sister was competent to stand trial. The motion included this numerical list of arguments supporting the need for an evaluation:

1. Over multiple video visits, Defendant requires repeated re-introduction to her defense attorney and explanation of his role.

2. During conversations about her case, Defendant requires repeated clarification and explanation of the nature of her criminal charge.

3. Defendant’s emotional outbursts and inability to focus on the topics of discussion impeded her ability to engage in productive conversations about her case, defense, and associated legal matters.

4. These same emotional outbursts and lack of cognitive focus would render her ineffective in participating in her own defense at trial.

5. Defendant has been examined by an independent forensic psychologist who has completed the forensic evaluator training required by the department in accordance with Fl. Stat. § 916.115 and is listed by the department as an available mental health professional.

6. This forensic evaluator has found the Defendant incompetent for the reasons listed here, as well as providing a diagnosis of bipolar and schizophrenic disorder.

Marlo’s sister was evaluated and it was determined in January of 2022 that she was incompetent to proceed. She was then released from custody.

Update on Marlo Hampton’s sister

There were multiple competency check hearings held, including a one-year competency check in January of this year. A pre-trial hearing was also set for February 27, 2023.

At the February 27 hearing the judge issued amended dispositions for all of the pending cases against Marlo’s sister and dismissed them all. That includes the charge of obstructing or resisting an officer without violence, as well as the two traffic citations.

It’s unclear where Marlo’s sister is living now. As we revealed in our previous post, she was cited for being in a public park after closing in May of 2022. She provided a Clearwater address for an apartment complex, but it’s unclear if that’s where she was living or if she was homeless.

Marlo Hampton’s sister’s arrest details

Marlo’s sister was arrested in Florida in August of 2018. According to the arrest report, she was driving a Nissan Altima when she was observed running a stop sign. The police officer turned on lights and a siren and attempted to pull her over.

Marlo’s sister refused to stop, and she allegedly ran “several more stop signs” in the process. The officer eventually disengaged from the chase.

Roughly 10 minutes later, Marlo’s sister was stopped at a red light when she was spotted by officers. They were able to get Marlo’s sister to exit the vehicle. From the police report:

Post Miranda, the defendant stated she was scared of police and she believed police were going to harm her. The defendant admitted to not stopping the vehicle.

Marlo’s sister was charged with fleeing and eluding a police officer, which is a third degree felony. She was released on $3,000 bond a week after her arrest.

Less than two months after posting bond, a warrant was issued for Marlo’s sister after she failed to appear at a court hearing.

It seems Marlo’s sister remained on the lam for more than a year. In February of 2021 she was arrested on the outstanding warrant in a nearby county. She posted bond and was a no show at yet another court hearing. As a result, another warrant was issued on April 26 of 2021.

A little more than five months later, the warrant was served. Marlo’s sister was arrested again when police did a welfare check “after a family member called police to say the defendant was not taking care of herself” and discovered that she had an outstanding warrant.

On May 19, 2022, Marlo’s sister was cited for being in a public park after closing. She was later found guilty and was fined $93.

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