New season of Love During Lockup premieres in July

Love During Lockup returns for a new season in July, 2023

WE tv released the first preview trailer for the new season of Love During Lockup during Friday night’s Season finale episode of Life after Lockup! The trailer reveals the new season will premiere some time in July.

“The only thing harder than dating an inmate is waiting for the new season of Love During Lockup, coming this July,” the narrator says in the brief clip.

“All new couples. All new cons. All new crazy,” he adds.

Unfortunately, WE tv hasn’t shared the preview trailer online yet. When they do, I’ll be sure to update this post.

But, even without being able to share the video, we can still break down ALL of the information in it!

UPDATE – Here’s a rough version of the trailer courtesy of @merrypants on Instagram to tide us over:

UPDATE – We have the official version of a brand new trailer with photos of five of the inmates! Click the link in the tweet below:

One of the first things fans of the Love After Lockup franchises will likely notice is what they don’t notice: familiar faces! There doesn’t appear to be any returning cast members from the previous season of Love During Lockup included in the new preview trailer.

I think most everyone assumed we’d be seeing serial inmate dater Tai in every season of the show to ever air, but she was not shown in the trailer. NOTE: This doesn’t mean viewers won’t be seeing Tai or any other familiar faces this season. (Love After Lockup OG Andrea’s husband Lamar is currently back behind bars — just sayin’!)

But, enough about what we don’t see in the trailer — let’s move on to what we DO see!

We see three different images of inmates in the video, but I believe two of them are the same guy. Here are screen caps of the three inmate glimpses, with the two on the right likely being the same person:

Love During Lockup Season 3 inmates

Based on the editing, it appears as though the white guy is the one who received a 32-year prison sentence. We don’t have much information about the inmate on the left, other than he appears to be dating the woman laying in bed taking a lingerie selfie. (She’s also the woman rolling her eyes in the collection of cast photos below.)

Love During Lockup Non-Inmates

Here are screen caps of what looks to be five of the non-inmate cast featured this season — all of which are women:

Love During Lockup Season 3 cast

It could be that the two women on the left are the same person. The angles and brevity of the clip made it impossible to know for sure.

Through the course of the trailer I spotted the woman on the top left and the woman on the top right wearing engagement rings.

OK, that’s about all the information we can get from the trailer! 😂 However, I can add a little bit more not from the trailer.

Love During Lockup production company Sharp Entertainment often post job openings for their shoots, which include locations and dates.

I culled together some of the postings over the past six months and came up with a list of locations where they likely filmed for the new season of Love During Lockup. Here’s the list:

Providence, Rhode Island
Red Bank, New Jersey
Naples, Florida
Washington, DC and Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Davenport, Iowa
Louisville, Kentucky
Dallas and Arlington, Texas
Windsor, Florence and Denver, Colorado
Corinth, Mississippi (Lindsey and Blaine’s hometown?!)

I should point out that some of these locations could be where the prisons are located.

We will be sure to continue monitoring for more information on the new season of Love During Lockup, so stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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