COUNTING ON Jessa Seewald lets children break this MAJOR Duggar rule

Jessa Duggar Seewald is doing parenting (and life!) her own way… see the “rule” she lets her kids break that would have Jim Bob furious…

The Duggars

The Duggar family was introduced to the world through the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting. During its 8 season run, we learned a lot about their strict guidelines that they follow as a part of the Institute of Basic Life Principles.

Modesty (i.e. girls wearing only dresses) is a big topic often talked about with the Duggars, but another rule that was just as important is that the children aren’t allowed to participate in dance or any activity that can “stir up desires.”

There are a few famous 19 Kids and Counting scenes which address this. They also talk a lot about their musical choices, and how the strictest members of their family don’t even listen to Christian music… only hymns.

Turns out Jessa, as well as some of the other “older kids” who are now adults, aren’t adhering to this practice.

Do Jessa Seewald’s kids dance?

In her latest Instagram post, Jessa Duggar Seewald shares the sweetest video of her children Spurgeon and Ivy doing something that would be sure to infuriate Duggar patriarch Jim Bob… they’re dancing.

Not only are they dancing… but the two are dancing together, mimicking a style that would often be interpreted as “romantic,” and definitely capable of “stirring desires.”

The music choice is interesting, as well. Keep Me In The Moment is a song by Jeremy Kemp, billed as a “contemporary Christian music artist,” something the Duggar family typically shies away from.

Camp’s original music is a mixture of ballads and up-tempo songs with “rock influence…” how scandalous!

The Duggars talk about dancing

What exactly have the Duggars said about dancing in the past? First and foremost, they think it is “not pleasing to God.” It is also “defrauding to men and boys” because it can cause temptation.

Some of the family has been caught moving their body in unholy ways, however, like when footage was leaked from John David and Abby Duggar’s wedding reception.

In the video above you can see Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth participating in a group dance, Abby Duggar is dancing also.

We love that the older Duggar kids are breaking the “rules” and participating in this fun activity!

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