UNEXPECTED Myrka and Ethan custody battle update EXCLUSIVE

TLC Unexpected Ethan and Myrka custody update

Former Unexpected couple Myrka Arriaga and Ethan Ybarra have finally reached a custody agreement in regards to their almost-three-year-old daughter, Attalie.

Myrka initially filed for custody in March of 2022. There was a temporary custody arrangement put in place at the time giving Myrka primary custody of Attalie with Ethan having supervised visitation every other weekend.

According to court records, Ethan was initially ordered to pay $216 per month for child support and $63 per month for medical support.

The custody battle played out for more than a year with few updates. Ethan was granted some extra mid-week visitation days, and Myrka was granted the power “to have an additional third party, designated by her, present during supervised visitation.”

The final order in the case was entered on April 17, 2023. Court records state that Myrka retains primary custody of Attalie. Ethan is granted visitation in the afternoon every first, third, and fifth weekend, and an hour in the evenings of the second and fourth Wednesdays.

Ethan’s child support remains at $216 per month, but medical support was lowered to $50 per month. The court issued judgment of $3,443.85 to Myrka from Ethan, which appears to be for child support and other arrears. That amount is to be paid back at a rate of $75 per month, starting May 1, 2023.

Myrka shares photos with Axelia and boyfriend

Just a few days after the new custody agreement with Ethan was finalized in the courts, Myrka shared a family photo gallery on Instagram (included above). The ten photos came as a surprise to Myrka’s followers because they include Myrka’s camera-shy boyfriend, and father of her three-month-old daughter, Axelia!

Axelia and Attalie are also included in the family foursome photos, but their faces have been hidden with white hearts. Myrka has been very open about not wanting to show her children’s faces on social media, and she continues to adhere to that policy.

However, Myrka’s mother, Lilly, doesn’t adhere to the policy — at least not in regards to posting photos of Attalie. That apparent contradiction resulted in a comment on Myrka’s family photos gallery, and a response from Myrka.

COMMENT: “Just curious, why did you [blur] out Attalie’s face, when your mom posted this exact pic, without her face blurred?? I mean no disrespect or anything, and I do understand why you would want to blur your kids’ faces, but since this is new for you, with Attalie, and this pic has already been publicly posted and shared, just curious, so I figured why not politely ask.”

MYRKA: “Thanks for being polite! If I posted the pic without the blur but covered Axelia’s face people would continue to say I’m only ‘protecting’ one child. So from now on I’ll still try to share our experiences but with a bit more privacy :)”

COMMENT: “You should ask your mom to not post pics of little Attalie unless you don’t mind…”

MYRKA: “I agree, we’ve spoken.”

For those of you curious about what Ethan is looking like these days, here’s a selfie he posted back in December:

Just hop on over to Ethan’s Instagram if you want a link to his Only Fans!

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