UNEXPECTED Pregnant Jenna Ronan gender reveal video, JJ break up rumors

Unexpected Jenna Ronan gender reveal video boy or a girl?

Earlier this month, Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan confirmed that she is currently pregnant with her second child, her first with boyfriend JJ Della. Fast forward a few weeks and we now know if Jenna will be having another boy, or a little girl!

Social media savvy Jenna shared a gender reveal post on Instagram as part of a paid partnership (I assume). “We found out the gender of our second baby using @junodiagnostics!” Jenna began her caption for the post.

More from Jenna promoting the Juno Birch Fetal Gender Test kit:

This is such a magical time and I’m so happy I found Juno for this special experience. Juno is affordable and that makes it easy to find out the gender of your baby without making it a luxury! The process was super easy and fast. I didn’t have worry about messing up the at home blood test because Juno offers a video call with professionals to help you through the whole process. I wanted to say a special thank you to Juno for making finding out the gender of my baby enjoyable and stress free!

The actual gender reveal video features Jenna, her son Luca, and the new baby’s father, JJ Della, popping a canister of colored smoke. The first time around it’s in black and white, but the second time around reveals whether the smoke was blue or pink:


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“Finding out I’ll be a mom of two boys has been absolutely amazing and I’m so excited for this journey!” Jenna added in her caption, along with the #MyJunoJourney hash tag.

Jenna’s dad, Matt Ronan, chimed in with two blue heart emoji in the comments.

Unexpected Baby boypalooza!

The Unexpected family will soon be gaining lots of little fellers! Jenna’s co-star, Tyra Boisseau, confirmed yesterday that she is pregnant with her second child — also a boy.

Meanwhile, the mother of Unexpected star Lexus Scheller, Kelsey Scheller, revealed earlier this year that she scored a major victory in her lengthy battle with infertility. She is currently pregnant with twin boys and due in August! She later revealed their names will be Zayd and Zyln.

Plus, new Unexpected Season 6 moms Emalee and Kayleigh both had baby boys. (Their directionally themed names are Easton and Westley.)

Did Jenna Ronan and JJ Della break up?

We can’t have Unexpected pregnancy news without a little drama, right? The ALWAYS-churning Unexpected rumor mill has recently been speculating about potential relationship problems between Jenna and JJ.

Those rumors are mostly fueled by the fact that JJ keeps hiding all the photos of Jenna in his Instagram feed for a period of time, before then making them viewable again. That has happened couple times in the past four weeks.

Adding a little bit of fuel to the rumor flames is Jenna’s recent Tiktok video from her ultrasound. Based on what we see in the video, Jenna was accompanied by her son Luca and mom Heather. JJ doesn’t appear to be present.

As for now, those rumors are just that — rumors. Perhaps we will know more when Jenna returns for Unexpected Season 6! In case you missed it, Jenna will be returning along with co-star Lilly Bennett and new moms, Emalee and Kayleigh.

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