Love After Lockup throwback photos for Brittany, Clint, Lizzie, Marcelino, Megan, Matt, and more!

Digging up all the interesting background stories on the cast of a prison romance reality series like Love After Lockup is pretty much a full-time job, but I thought I might take a break from all the criminal histories, previous marriages, secret children, and Little Debbie snack cake trailer crashes so that I could share a collection of throwback photos from the AMAZINGLY diverse and unique cast of Season 2.

Actually, there are some cast members on the current season who were also featured on Season 1, so I suppose I will show them the respect that veterans deserve and start with them.

First up, we have a few throwback photos of Lizzie for you, including one in which she is wearing her “Hustler” uniform while working her pre-prison job, one with a slightly different hairdo, and another with her daughter Jazmyne:

And here is Season 1 (and eventual Season 2 star?) star Angela from 2006:

Moving on to the Love After Lockup Season 2 newbies, I don’t know how we couldn’t kick the party off with anyone other than Marcelino Suavé!

And here are a couple photos of Brittany — one doing a #thuglife photo shoot, and the other with her ex, Love After Lockup fan favorite hunk Tito:

Why don’t we throw it waaaaaaaaay back with side-by-side childhood photos of the both Brittany and Marcelino from Instagram:

I couldn’t track down a good throwback photo of Sarah, but I do have the other two-thirds of the show’s infamous love triangle with Michael and Megan:

I REALLY wish I could have dug up some photos of Caitlin (you just know her high school yearbook photos are golden!), but alas, all my searches were fruitless.

UPDATE – Ask and ye shall receive! We managed to find this photo of little Caitlin from roughly 1997:

The same cannot be said for Matt, however, as his mother shared some photos on the show. The best one, which included Matt’s single earring, was featured only briefly on the show as his mom pointed to a framed version of it on the shelf when Caitlin arrived. I did the best that I could in PhotoShop to correct the perspective and the glare:

Moving on to Clint and Tracie, the best throwback I could find of her was actually an older mug shot photo. We included some photos that Clint’s goddess used for her online dating profiles while incarcerated in a previous post, but they just didn’t seem “throwback” enough to merit inclusion here.

For Clint, we’ve got a couple pictures from 2008 as well as an EPIC throwback to his childhood when he was only two years old.

Do you have any throwback photos of the current cast? Maybe you went to high school with Caitlin and have her cheerleading or band photo? Please hit us up using the contact info below!

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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