LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Pregnant Sarah shares baby bump photos, video – UPDATED with sonogram!

Love After Lockup star Sarah Simmons revealed on the show that she was pregnant with her second child with ex-convict husband Michael Simmons, but the reality star has been oddly coy about posting any sort of confirmation on social media — until now!

Sarah posted a photo of her HUGE baby bump along with her almost four-year-old-daughter daughter Aviahna on Tuesday, but she quickly deleted it. That photo was captioned: “Let’s put the rumors to rest…”

Sarah followed that up with another captionless baby bump selfie on Wednesday that she left up for a little bit longer before deleting it as well. (Both photos can be seen above.)

Even with the two photos, fans are still suspicious that Sarah is lying about the second pregnancy. As I mentioned above, Sarah has been reluctant to post any pregnancy photos, and she suggests that it is because of her contract and not wanting to reveal any spoilers. But, it has already been revealed on the show that she is pregnant again, so why the reluctance?

Sarah continues to laugh off the fake pregnancy rumors. “I would never lie about a pregnancy,” she recently tweeted. “Especially if front of the WHOLE WORLD! Cmon now…”

UPDATE – Sarah is done laughing! She just posted (and quickly deleted) a sonogram photo from August along with a frustrated message for the haters:

Since my baby bump pictures were not proof enough for y’all that baby #2 is REAL … here is the ultrasound with my Name and the date It was take. I don’t want nor need the negative comments about my baby. I’m very angry that people would take me as someone to lie about a beautiful baby. ?#f**kthehaters

So what about all of those photos from the past months in which Sarah could be seen with various alcoholic drinks? “Did you see the drinks go into my mouth?” Sarah asks. “No you didn’t. I had to keep up without letting out I was pregnant until the show did.”

There were also numerous selfies of Sarah posted over the last few month in which she is clearly not pregnant. Although she has not addressed those specifically, it’s not difficult to assume that those photos were older and just more examples of Sarah keeping the surprise intact.

After posting the baby bump photos (in which you cannot see Sarah’s face), she went one step further on Wednesday by participating in an Instagram live session with a close friend in which you can see her very large pregnant belly on display. Here are two screen caps from the live session posted by @realitycraycray on Instagram:

The diehard conspiracy theorists point out that Sarah could have just stuffed a pillow under her shirt for the video, which is true. I’m not usually one who is quick to bust out my tin foil hat, but I have to confess that Sarah has handled all of this in a very peculiar manner. She is on social media a lot, and it really isn’t difficult to post a rather definitive photo or brief video showing that she is indeed pregnant.

That being said, if Sarah is reluctant for whatever reason to share proof (perhaps she is having a little fun trolling fans who have been a little less than positive towards her), that is certainly her prerogative. But, she can’t really complain about people continuing to question whether or not she really is pregnant.

Either way, fans should find out more soon just by tuning in to new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

If you are curious to know more about Sarah’s relationship with Michael — both before the show and after — just click here for the latest updates from her, including a detailed timeline of their five-year relationship! Plus, there are details from Michael’s sentencing last week from a new drug possession charge back in December!

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