LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Brittany Santiago is pregnant!

It appears that the online baby registry for Love After Lockup couple Brittany and Marcelino was real after all!

On tonight’s episode, Brittany confirmed that she is pregnant with Marcelino’s baby in a conversation with her friend Sascha over concerns about a potential altercation with another woman. “Nobody knows. I haven’t told anybody. I haven’t even told Marcelino yet!” Brittany tells Sascha.

Sascha is just as shocked as most viewers will be. She stands there with her jaw dropped and simply says “oh my god” as Brittany continues to express her frantic concerns about the fight and keeping her pregnancy a secret. Here’s a clip of the scene:

In case you missed it, well before the cast was announced for the new season, there was a baby registry created for Marcelino and Brittany Santiago with a due date of December 31. The registry listed the couple’s location as Las Vegas, so it certainly seemed unlikely to be just a coincidence.

In our post about the pregnancy rumor, we shared these photos of Brittany at her wedding in August:

Brittany and Marcelino have managed to stick by their contracts without revealing ANYTHING that would suggest Brittany was pregnant and has had a child! I assume that once the episode airs that both of them will be posting about it — and we will be sure to update this post as soon as they do! Stay tuned!

Oh, and congratulations to Brittany and Marcelino! They still appear to be happily married, and headed for a seemingly rare Love After Lockup happy ending!

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