LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Brittany launches Felon 2 Fame YouTube channel

Love After Lockup Brittany Santiago Felon 2 Fame YouTube channel

28-year-old Love After Lockup star Brittany Santiago has had an incredibly hard life for someone so young. She ran away from home at the age of twelve and spent a number of years staying with friends and living on the streets. By the time she was convicted and imprisoned for her first felony charge at the age of 18, Brittany had given birth to two children — both of which were taken by CPS and placed for adoption. She would spend seven of the next ten years of her life behind bars before being released last year, as documented on Love After Lockup.

Speaking of Love After Lockup, fans saw Brittany and Marcelino’s relationship hit a few bumps in the road soon after her release, but things seemed to settle down eventually. Brittany and Marcelino later got married and have since welcomed a child together, daughter Zoila. In what is becoming quite a rarity for the show, the two appear to be headed for a happily ever after.

Fans really responded well to Brittany, thanks to a personality that combined humility, intelligence, and toughness. In a previous post, I expressed hope that Brittany might be working on a book about her life, and she has just revealed something that might be even better — a YouTube channel titled Felon 2 Fame!

“Hey everyone, and welcome to Felon 2 Fame,” a now red-headed Brittany says in her very first video (included below). “That is my new YouTube channel, and I’m so excited that I’m finally launching!”

Brittany has been teasing a YouTube channel for a while, and she explains that the hold up was due to her wanting to learn about video editing so that her channel would look professional. She eventually realized she was “overthinking it” and decided that there was no reason to go ahead and start posting.

“I’ve done a lot of prison time, and I haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to edit videos yet,” she admits, “but I don’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer. So, what I’m gonna do is just upload raw, uncut videos and hope that you guys will still appreciate the content that I’m putting out there because it is answers to your questions.”

What can viewers expect to see on Felon 2 Fame? “Some things that you guys can expect is, you know, what’s prison like? And my life after prison. I’m gonna do some Love After Lockup reviews — maybe on every episode,” she reveals. I am guessing she is referring to the episodes that have already aired, in addition to the new episodes coming out this summer?

Brittany continues: “I’m also going to put a lot of other cool things out there, and if you guys like my channel, and like what I’m putting out there, please subscribe and like my videos!”

You will notice that Brittany doesn’t mention anything about her daughter Zoila. On Instagram, she was asked when we could expect to see photos and info about her and Marcelino’s daughter, and Brittany simply replied: “Soon.” She was later asked again why she and Marcelino don’t post photos or videos of her. “I can’t yet,” Brittany explained. “I’m still under contract with the network.”

I’m so perplexed by these Love After Lockup contracts! I don’t think I can ever recall cast members not being allowed to share baby photos after the birth was announced on the show!? WE tv even shared a photo of Zoila with her big brother Giovanni, mom Brittany, and dad Marcelino at the end of the finale:

Even if we have to wait a while for updates on Zoila, I’m excited to see Brittany’s videos! I really cannot imagine the stories she has to tell, ranging from her very troubled childhood and young adult years, to her time behind bars. Plus, there are the details surrounding her arrests, including her most recent one in which she was initially charged with kidnapping and attempted murder!

Here is Brittany’s Felon 2 Fame intro video, in which you can see she has had quite the post-prison makeover. In addition to changing her hair color to red, she has had some work done to her teeth — and the result is really phenomenal!

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