LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Sarah says she would attend Michael and Megan’s wedding, defends her braids

The current season of Love After Lockup has one of the messiest love triangles in the history of reality television. [Former] Virgin Megan is in a relationship with convicted felon Michael, but Michael has yet to break things off with his wife Sarah, who is also the mother of his almost four-year-old daughter and his unborn child.

Sarah has been very vocal on social media throughout the season as she continually defends herself against critics of her husband, her pregnancies, her accents, and now her hairstyle. Yes, her hair.

In a preview clip for tonight’s highly anticipated confrontation between Michael’s wife and his Queen, Sarah arrives sporting French braids, which had fans accusing her of appropriating black culture.

Here’s the video:

And here is how #Braidgate played out on Twitter:

SARAH: And let’s be real, if my husband was white and I was going to meet up with his white side bitch, nothing would be mentioned about my hair?

TWEET: In conclusion in the clip you wore French braids. Cool. Cornrows are different. But you responded to a comment about “braids” in general. That’s what I’m replying to

SARAH: I don’t care what kind of braid it was. Braids are NOT a black hairstyle!!!!!!!


SARAH: You’re not serious right now. My hairstyle is causing all of this ?

SARAH: Shame on me for marring a black man, shame on me for wearing braids, shame on me for living in 2019, shame on me for NOT being racist, shame on me for not seeing color, shame on me for being myself.

TWEET: I don’t care who you love. I love my 2 white sisters in law. I’m telling you cultural appropriation is REAL. Braids are a black thing. Period.

SARAH: And I have every right to wear this so called “black hairstyle” If I choose. If anything why would it be disrespectful or negative if I like it?

TWEET: Listen. I never called YOU disrespectful. I called you out for saying that people who think it’s a black hairstyle are ignorant. You are flippant whenever someone challenges you on race. How can you not know that our hair is serious to US? Like I just made that up but been black

SARAH: No I think there are more things to worry about in society when it comes to race, than a god damn hair style ?

TWEET: I’m INVOLVED in remedying those situations & I take my hair seriously

SARAH: And so…white people should have a problem when black people wear their hair a certain way too? Damn can’t people just not care about race? We are ALL PEOPLE! Hair isn’t that serious

TWEET: You have no point of reference to the struggles of black people in this country. My grandmother COULDN’T wear her hair natural & have a job. She had to wear wigs or straighten it to help support her family!

SARAH: Because of how i wear my hair and because of MY personal opinion I all the sudden don’t understand that black people still struggle in today’s society? I totally get that I’ve seen it first hand with my husband multiple times, it’s WRONG. But that has nothing to do with hair

TWEET: Excuse me black hair to black people is a very large part of our culture. Our braids locs afros are us. Our braids during slavery what that meant. Read educate yourself. Damn I was rocking wit h you until that statement

SARAH: I guess my main thing is why am I being faulted for having French braids in my hair when that is actually not a black hair style? I don’t disrespect anyone’s race or culture. So why am I being called out for simply wearing my hair like I have since I was a toddler?

TWEET: Definitely agree that it’s a touchy subject. I just learn to accept the fact that a lot of people (non-blacks) are ignorant when it comes to our culture and like to pass things off as their own. I try to educate when possible but most times I just smh.

SARAH: I’m not trying to pass anything as my own. I never once braided my hair for any other reason other than that. Braiding my hair! I’ve never disrespected anyone’s culture. This was blown out of proportion. That’s all I was saying. ?

SARAH: Ok. Let’s be real here. I just feel like I have to be “careful” when it comes to race but someone can say stay in your Caucasian lane and it be ok? If I said stay in your black lane it would not be tolerated? that’s why I’m irritated by this whole thing!

In addition to defending her choice to braid her hair before confronting Megan, Sarah has also responded to a seemingly unending stream of negative tweets from viewers throughout the season — mostly centered on her wanting to try to make her marriage work with Michael.

Trying to defend yourself one-by-one on Twitter is an impossible war to win, but Sarah does a remarkable job of fighting her battles with humility and maturity. She is perfectly willing to admit she has made mistakes, and she is also perfectly willing to stand behind her choice to try to make things work with Michael — who was her husband and father of her child (soon to be children).

Sarah drives home the fact that Michael and her have been together for seven years, and this wasn’t some flukey prison relationship. She also emphasizes that she did not know about Megan, and that makes her look worse to viewers who know the full story as the drama plays out on screen.

Speaking of Michael’s Queen, Sarah also comes across as extremely mature when commenting about Megan. Sarah admits that she has no respect for Megan, but insists that her disdain “has NOTHING to do with her and Michael whatsoever.” So what is the reason that Sarah doesn’t like Megan?

“I’ve spoken to Megan, been around Megan, and she’s a very very very disrespectful out of line person,” Sarah tweeted. “And she came for me on many occasions including attacking me as a mother, line crossed. No respect. She called me out my name before I could even open my mouth, so yes, no respect.” I assume that Sarah is referencing her Twitter feud with Megan just after the current season of Love After Lockup began airing.

Despite her dislike for Megan, and her disappointment in Michael, Sarah insists that she has moved on and wishes them the best. “If he wants to be with Megan I’m ok with that. Everyone deserves happiness,” Sarah said. “If he wants Megan that’s fine that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I never loved him bc he was my husband I loved him for him. I just hope HE finds happiness within HIM. And he can have a successful life! With or without me ?”

After numerous tweets accused Sarah of lying about her feelings, she doubled down:

I’m not upset with MEGAN AND MICHAEL!!!!!! I’m p*ssed the f**k off at her for being a complete b*tch??‍♀️

Sh*t I’ll even go to their wedding I don’t care about that. Just don’t come for me as if you’re entitled too.

However, it seems Sarah’s ability to forgive and move on has its limitations. “She will NEVER meet my babies,” Sarah says of Megan. “They done made this sh*t too toxic for my babes‼️” she added.

Here are some more topics that Sarah has tackled ad nauseam on Twitter with her comments:


I’m gonna say this ONCE. Yes I got pregnant. Yes MICHAEL IS THE FATHER. YES I’m capable of raising two children period. NO it was not intentional. And I didn’t know after TWO WEEKS I found out when I was 7 weeks pregnant! So please STFU! #LoveAfterLockup ✌️

I went 3 years without needing birth control or anything. So I was never on it. Before he came home I got on the pill. According to the DOCTOR my body had not yet gotten used to the birth control. As it takes 30/60 days for it to fully be affective… I was on it for 30 ??‍♀️


TWEET: Lmao she went from speaking like Susan to Shante when talking to black ppl.

SARAH: It’s not black people it’s anyone I speak to on the phone and mostly people from back down south ?‍♀️ and when I visit it’s the same way. But bc he’s black that’s what y’all automatically think ? but whatever I got more to be ashamed about like the man I married ?

TWEET: Ok I just watched. Girl you did put a lil twang on it! ????

SARAH: But also watch my other video not aired on the episode my accent goes in and out. I haven’t even talked much on the show other than this episode and in my interviews it’s different bc it’s slowed down and they make you speak super clear ?‍♀️? it happens everyday to me!!


He said it is possible as he’s been with other woman in his life but he is 99% sure he has no other children out there. And he said as far as HER, he said NO he has NEVER even seen her before! He got no reason to lie .. he love his kids


Not everyone can last forever. If he truly felt we ran our course so be it. He did it in a f**ked up way, but it is what it is. I’m young, he’s young, we have our whole lives ahead of us — this doesn’t define our lives.?

I’ll never feel sorry or admit I’m wrong for loving the father of my kids and staying loyal. Our babies will be fine. And they are not your concern. Keep it moving.

I’ve been dumb. I’ve been blind. I’ve picked my battles. I’ve stayed bc of fear. But in the end I’ve stayed bc I’ve made promises and I always wanted to be there for him. That takes strength. Staying for 3 years while he was away is strength?

And it’s not always so simple. I waited three years I wasn’t gonna just give up that easy .. not on him or our family. I’m not wrong for that. I’ll always be here for him. I already made that choice. Together or not I’ll always have love for him I’m just choosing to love me more.

I actually think not giving a f**k is the easy way out. All Relationships whether they are romantic or not are hard. Regardless of Michael and I and our marriage we will always stay good for our babies.

[I Michael a good dad for the kids?] I believe he is. And I know he loves them more than anything in this world. We are both not perfect but our babies will always be happy,healthy, and safe ? and will always know that mommy and daddy love them.

I am proud of Michael for a lot of things, I’ve known him for YEARS! This show is not one of those things!!!! But I will not let it define him, he’s still the father of my kids. And I WILL be civil for that always!

If he doesn’t want me as a wife. THATS OK!!!!!!!!! why am I supposed to hate someone for not wanting me? Because of how he went about it? No one’s perfect. It was f**ked up but it is what it is. I’m way to young to let this go on forever smh.


I’m doing ok. I’m finding happiness. My children are happy healthy and amazing. I’m young this doesn’t define me or my life. Everyone’s journey is different everyone makes mistakes. I’m ok with mine.

After 7 years I think some can lose themselves .. and their independence.. I’m getting that back. Focusing on me and my babies and him becoming a better HIM. And go from there. No more expectations.

I’m actually in a really good place within myself. My self esteem, confidence, self love everything is getting right back to where it should be. Remember this happened to me already, you’re just watching it.

I’m just doing ok. … just because ONE man didn’t want me doesn’t mean NO man will want me ? I’m stronger because of it!

Strong is handling the situation. Strong is doing what you feel is right despite the world being against you. Strong is making the right choices no matter how scary or hard they are. No one can tell ME what the right choice is. NO ONE!

* * * * * * * * * *

To continue to keep up with Sarah’s reactions to the show and viewers’ comments, be sure to give her a follow on Twitter! To keep up with how her love triangle with Megan and Michael plays out, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8 on WE tv!

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