LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Matt Frasier caught hiding in a tree with meth after botched Walmart Christmas robbery in 2011

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As viewers of Love After Lockup Season 2 are probably well aware, show star Matt Frasier has been behind bars more times than Tom Cruise’s character in Cocktail. And, as many viewers might have guessed, some of Matt’s prior arrests involve some face-palm-worthy narratives. Because there are so many, there is no practical way to include them all in a single post. As a result, we will be dividing them up into weekly installments of “The Frasier Files.”

The first case from The Frasier Files is from the day after Christmas in 2011. According to the police report, Matt told officers “he used methamphetamine on prior date and was coming down from that high. He was low on money and he wanted to get something for his girlfriend for Christmas.”

Matt was “shopping” at the Walmart in Yelm, Washington on December 26 when someone from loss prevention observed him “steal a knife and use it to open other packages that he then stole.” Because Matt was in possession of a knife, the loss prevention person contacted police officers. But, before officers could arrive on the scene, Matt attempted to leave the store.

Another Walmart employee attempted to stop Matt as he was leaving, but Matt pushed that person before he “fled into a field, dropping items in the parking lot.”

Because Matt was in possession of a knife when he stole the items and pushed the employee, the crime was deemed a robbery instead of just theft. Once the police arrived, due to the fact that it was a robbery case, they called in a K-9 unit to track Matt. The K-9 unit was able to pick up Matt’s trail through the field and eventually locate the suspect. According to the report, “Frasier had climbed a tree in an attempt to hide and he was taken into custody without incident.”

The two Walmart employees identified Matt “as the person who stole merchandise and pushed McKee while armed with a knife and while maintaining control of stolen items,” so he was arrested and taken to the Yelm Police Department for further questioning. Unfortunately, things just got worse for Matt.

From the report:

Once at the Department Off. Northcutt searched Frasier and located a yellow knife sharpener and a small bag of suspected methamphetamine. Frasier freely admitted that the substance was indeed methamphetamine and that he stole the knife sharpener from Wal-Mart. Northcutt read Frasier his Miranda Warnings to which he acknowledged stating he understood and waived his rights.

At this point, Matt admitted to using meth the day before and shared the information about trying to find a late Christmas gift for his girlfriend, which Matt described as a “girl hair thing.”

“He went into Wal-Mart and stole a knife, the sharpener and some ‘girl hair thing,'” the report reads. “He admitted that he ran away when contacted but he denied pushing McKee.” Matt also admitted to dropping the knife in the parking lot, which means he admitted to having it in his possession when he stole the items and when he pushed the employee while making his escape.

Officers on the scene “recovered the ‘girl hair thing’ (a hair straightener), a multi-purpose car tool, a bottle of cologne and the knife” in the parking lot. According to the report, the total value of the items stolen was $148.83.

A field test was conducted on the substance believed to be methamphetamine, and the results were positive.

Matt was initially charged with second-degree robbery, third-degree retail theft with extenuating circumstances, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance (meth). It seems Matt caught a break on the robbery charge, however, as he would eventually be found guilty of the latter two charges as well as a reduced charge of theft instead of robbery.

Be sure to tune in next week for another installment of The Frasier Files! And be sure to tune in Friday night for a brand new episode of Love After Lockup at 9/8c on WE tv, which might very well feature its own addition to The Frasier Files.

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