LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Caitlin still married to 2nd husband, he didn’t know about the show, plus Matt spoiler!

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We previously reported that Love After Lockup star Caitlin was married twice before dating ex-convict Matt Frasier. But, it will probably shock some fans to know that she IS STILL MARRIED TO HER SECOND HUSBAND!

The two married in Washington in June of 2008, but there is no record of a divorce in the state of Washington. So, we tracked down her husband and he confirms to us that they are still legally married. “We’ve been trying to get a divorce for years,” he tells us. (He asked that we not use his name or photo.) “Actually, right before she cancelled her social media page, she was supposed to get the papers for it because she still lives in the county and I don’t,” he adds.

It seems that the connection via social media (Facebook I assume) was about the only way the two communicated, and when Caitlin deleted her profile, that cut off their line of communication. As a result, Caitlin’s husband was completely unaware until recently that she was even on Love After Lockup!

He tells us that he got a call from a family member last month and that’s how he found out. His reaction? “I laughed until I cried.”

He has since seen the show and tells us that “all that nudity and sex in the woods and the noises is all an act. She wants the attention and tries to get it the only way she can.”

So what happened between him and Caitlin? “I was all about her and her son, who I thought was going to be my family,” he says. (We previously revealed that Caitlin had a son just before she was married for the second time.) “The son was a baby when we met, without her knowing who the father was. I was fine taking over that role. I was excited…But everything happened so fast…Caitlin and I didn’t work out because she was all about attention,” he explains.

He recalls the wedding and the specific events that triggered the split. “We were married in some junky chapel with fake vines and flowers lol. Her mother was there. We split up because we were supposed to go to a Toby Keith concert. I surprised her with tickets and got off work…she got home, started a fight for nothing, and ended up saying she was sick.” He says Caitlin went to stay at a friend’s place. “I found out she took my tickets and took another guy who she spent the night with,” he says. “So I left the next day after I sobered up. It was a month after we got married.”

When he left, he says that Caitlin had custody of her son and was living with her grandparents. He moved to Florida before eventually going back to his home state of Michigan, where he currently lives. He tells us that he still hasn’t spoken to Caitlin since finding out about the show, but he did reach out to Matt — and discovered a MAJOR SPOILER! “I messaged Matt to have him tell Caitlin to contact me so she can get me the divorce papers…but apparently they’re not together anymore.”

Despite what sounds like a difficult, and very brief, relationship, he still thinks fondly of his wife. “I’ll always have love for Caitlin, and I would like to talk to her and maybe help her through this dumb sh*t.”

Love After Lockup Caitlin married Matt

If you are trying to keep count at home, this means that three of the current Love After Lockup cast members are dating someone that is married to someone else! Obviously, Megan is dating Michael, who is married to Sarah. And Brittany is dating Marcelino, who didn’t get his 1999 marriage annulled until October of last year — well after his and Brittany’s wedding in August.

It’s still unclear if either Marcelino’s or Caitlin’s marriage will come up on the show. Caitlin’s story line is already up to Matt’s arrest earlier this year, so I don’t think they will attempt to squeeze her marriage in. The jury is still out on Marcelino, though.

The preview clips continue to highlight the moment when the person doing their ceremony asks the audience if there is any reason the two shouldn’t be wed, so that could certainly be a tease for a previous marriage bombshell! (I’m guessing that is just to hype the tension over whether or not Brittany is really over her ex-girlfriend Amanda.)

We should all find out this week when the two-hour Love After Lockup season finale airs at 9/8c on WE tv! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!

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