Sherien Almufti shares photo with Apollo Nida, commenter suggests she watch Love After Lockup

Are Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti going to be on Love After Lockup?

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta hubby Apollo Nida continues to serve out his 8-year sentence at a federal prison in New Jersey, and his paper towel fiancée Sherien Almufti continues to stand by her man — literally.

Sherien posted a prison visitation photo standing with Apollo earlier today on Instagram, and captioned it by writing: “Happy Tuesday!!” She added a blue heart emoji, the #sapphire hash tag, and the hopeful #mrsnida hash tag. (The caption didn’t quite measure up to the love letter she penned for her last photo with Apollo posted in November of 2017.)

The older comments on the #Sherpollo pic seem mostly positive and supportive, but I’m not sure if that is due in part to some pruning by Sherien. (The more recent comments tend to be mostly negative.) One helpful Instagram user suggested soon after the photo was posted that Sherien might learn a few things from tuning in to WE tv on Friday nights.

“Girl you better watch Love After Lock Up [sic] it usually don’t work once they get out,” the commenter wrote.

Sherien snapped back by pointing out: “It usually don’t work when you meet at the club or church too…. foh ?? #negativenancy.”

Of course, given Sherien’s track record with reality show thirst, I’m guessing that she has not only seen Love After Lockup, but they already have her application! And if you’re wondering what thirst I’m talking about, in addition to getting some camera time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sherien also managed to turn her prison engagement into an appearance on Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta!

Apollo Nida fiancee Sherien Almufti Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

I would point out that Apollo’s official release date isn’t until August 29 of 2020, which means that Sherien wouldn’t have a realistic shot at Love After Lockup until at least Season 4 — BUT, anybody that can score an appearance on Say Yes To The Dress while engaged to a convict not scheduled for release until years later might also be able to manage a full season or two of pre-release Love After Lockup!

I wouldn’t be too excited about watching a full season of their relationship while Apollo is still incarcerated, but I confess I would love to watch the Sherien and Apollo drama play out after his release! Especially if they manage to bring Phaedra Parks in for some added baby mama drama! (Perhaps Apollo could secretly remarry Phaedra and not tell Sherien, just like Michael did with Sarah and Megan this season?)

On New Year’s Eve, before posting the Apollo pic, Sherien teased that she does have some sort of surprise project she is working on by uploading a selfie and hash tagging it with #workingonsomething and #cantwaittoshare. After posting the photo with Apollo, she shared a photo of a Snap Custom Pizza & Salad sign and wrote: “I want to open one of these so bad!!!” I don’t think she was serious, but who knows? Maybe there’s some sort of entrepreneurial reality show she has her eye on?

On a very suspicious side note, the photo Sherien posted wasn’t new at all. She posted a cropped version of the same photo back in September of 2017. What that means is that we haven’t seen a new photo of Sherien and Apollo together in more than a year. ? Hmmmmm….

UPDATE – Apollo posted a photo of Sherien by herself that looks to have been taken during a visitation in August of 2018. He professed his love for her and also expressed his gratitude to Sherien for her dedication. It still seems odd they didn’t take a photo together, but it does seem as though they both think they are still engaged.

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