LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Top 7 things left out this season: marriages, children, arrests, etc.

Love After Lockup Season 2 cast top 7 things producers did not include

The second season of Love After Lockup concluded Friday night, wrapping up one of the most dramatic and CUH-RAYZAY seasons in reality television history! Remarkably, even with all of the over-the-top drama, producers left a lot of HUGE events on the cutting room floor — including multiple secret marriages, children, and arrests!

To help those fans (like myself) who find themselves jonesing for more of that wonderful LAL drama, I’ve come up with a list of what amounts to a “deleted scenes” version of the top seven things that got left off the show this season:


Prior to Matt’s arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle on January 4, which was featured on the show, he had another run-in with the law — and with another driver. From our previous post:

According to court records, Matt rear ended another driver at an intersection near Olympia, Washington on December 13. One of the responding officers stated in his report that he “responded to a disturbance that started out as a collision and possible hit and run.” He adds that “the original caller reported she was rear ended by [Matt], and he was trying to convince her to not call 9-1-1 because he didn’t have a license.”

The officer spoke with Matt, and Matt told him that “he didn’t have a license on him and stated he knew his license was suspended.” The officer confirmed that Matt’s driver’s license was indeed suspended. Matt was issued a criminal citation for Driving With a Suspended License as well as a ticket for “speeding too fast for conditions.”

As seen on the show, Matt alleges that he “rented” a car from a friend that he didn’t know was stolen (??‍♀️) when he was arrested on January 4. It seems the reason that he had to rent a car from a friend is because Matt was driving Caitlin’s damaged pickup on December 23 when he crashed it again! This time it was a head-on collision with injuries, and it was apparently the damage from his previous accident that caused the truck to malfunction.

Here is the police officer’s summary from the incident report — you can click here for the full article with more information, including the results from Matt’s field sobriety test:

Frasier was driving on a suspended license, he was DWLS 3rd and he knew that his license was suspended…I found Frasier was negligent in his decision to drive a Pickup Truck that he knew and stated numerous times there were issues with the power, steering, and the brakes. Frasier driving this Truck around caused a serious injury collision with broken bones to both involved drivers.

I had previously investigated a rear end collision that Frasier was involved with on December 13, 2018, where he rear ended another passenger car on Martin Way while driving the same pickup truck. Frasier continued to drive a Truck he knew had mechanical issues and had been involved in a rear end collision only 10 days prior.

Love After Lockup Caitlin photo


All the while that Caitlin was talking about Matt releasing all those babies on parole in her belly, she had another child that was never even mentioned on the show. She later confirmed our earlier report that she does not have custody of the young boy, who looks to be 10-12 years of age. “He is however in the VERY BEST place he could possibly be,” Caitlin revealed.

There is also evidence to suggest that Matt also has a son. From our post:

Matt Frasier has a Facebook profile that he hasn’t used since 2015. His very last post was an updated profile photo featuring an infant being held in a man’s hands at a restaurant. Someone in the comments asked who the baby was, and Matt replied: “It’s my son.”

Matt’s mom Kathy later replied: “Yes, this is your son.”

The photo was posted in January of 2015, and the baby looks to be about one. So, if the photo was taken around the time it was posted, then the little boy in the picture would be roughly four years old now.

Love After Lockup Michael Simmons arrest for drug possession


This entry might deserve an asterisk because it could be that Michael’s drug possession arrest was included this season, but it was portrayed as merely a parole violation. According to court records, Michael was charged with felony possession of narcotics on December 6.

Here are details on Michael’s sentencing from our post on February 12:

Luckily for Michael, his attorney was able to swing a plea deal. In exchange for Michael’s guilty plea, the prosecutor was willing to drop the charge from felony possession of cocaine to misdemeanor use of cocaine. According to court records, the plea deal was accepted last week. As a result, Michael was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but that sentence was suspended.


You can probably tell we are getting close to the top of the list now! Yes, Caitlin is still married to her second husband. The two got married in June of 2008 and broke up roughly a month later. We spoke with Caitlin’s husband about the relationship and Caitlin being on Love after Lockup — just click here to read all about it!

Love After Lockup Clint Brady drug possession arrest from 2018


Clint was reportedly in Texas to see his Goddess while she was still in jail (after stealing his rental car) when he was arrested for marijuana possession! I have to say that I am ABSOLUTELY BAFFLED as to why this was left off the show. I suppose the most obvious answer would be that producers didn’t know about it. Another theory would be that perhaps Clint (or his mother on his behalf) threatened to quit the show if they included it. That is 100% speculation though!

It’s also a little hard to believe that the topic of Clint’s 2017 DWI arrest never came up either. In case you somehow missed that story, Clint drove his pickup truck hauling a Little Debbie snacks cakes trailer across a field and through a security fence before crashing into a number of storage units and eventually coming to rest on top of a boat. The incident was not that long before filming began, and I would think that Clint’s bloody and angry mug shot photo would have all but insured that producers would find some way to work it in!


What the hell WE tv?! Season 1 stars Angela and Tony were supposed to be on this season, but never made it. They were featured on the show’s website and in the preview trailers, but we never saw a second of either of them. I just checked Angela’s Instagram page, and all she said in response to questions about their absence was: “some things happened that interfered… plan on seeing me in the future episodes…” Hmmmm…

Love After Lockup Marcelino annulment Danielle Jbali


Just like the two previous entries on this list, I am SHOOKETH that producers didn’t include the fact that Marcelino was still married when he and Brittany had their wedding! Especially since they teased a wedding disruption from Brittany’s ex-girlfriend Amanda! Once again, I suppose it is possible that producers didn’t know about it, but still!

In case you missed it, Marcelino was married in California in September of 1999. He and his wife never divorced, and Marcelino filed for an annulment in May of 2018 — just a few months before his and Brittany’s wedding in August. The annulment didn’t go through until late October, and Marcelino and Brittany didn’t make their marriage official until late December.

As if the secret marriage and annulment wasn’t shocking enough, Marcelino’s reason for the annulment was even more jaw dropping! Marcelino checked the following as the reason: “There is a close enough blood relationship between the parties that the marriage is prohibited by law.”

Brittany was asked about the annulment reasoning on Facebook. “Marcelino and I wanted to get married before I had our baby,” she explained. “The fastest way to get divorced is getting an annulment. In the state of Nevada you only have two options for annulment. He checked a box and got it taken care of…”

Uh oh. I sincerely hope that Marcelino did not just check a box that wasn’t true in order to speed up the annulment process. I don’t even want to know what kind of legal ramifications that would have — including how it would impact the validity of his marriage to Brittany. Perhaps that will be something producers elect to include on the next season of Love after Lockup! I cannot wait to find out!

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