LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Matt ran from police, jumped out of a moving stolen vehicle in 2013 meth arrest

In this week’s installment of The Frasier Files, we have details from Love After Lockup star Matt Frasier’s 2013 arrest for meth possession, attempting to elude a police vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

According to police in Matt’s home county, a suspect was spotted driving a black Chevrolet pickup truck on March 10 that had been reported stolen the day before. From the prosecuting attorney:

The deputy activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop of the vehicle. The vehicle accelerated and pulled away from the deputy. During the process of attempting to elude the police vehicle, the vehicle failed to stop at several stop signs. The truck was driving in such a manner that it was crossing into the oncoming lane of traffic and was taking the corners so extreme the vehicle left the roadway before continuing back on the roads.

Eventually, the truck slowed down to approximately 5 mph and the driver jumped out of the driver side and began to “run towards a residence.”

Despite jumping out of a moving vehicle and running, it seems Matt’s extensive criminal history still made him recognizable as “a male known to the deputy as Matthew Frasier.”

Matt was detained and placed under arrest.

The deputy searched the truck and found two black pouches. “Inside the pouches was a large amount of white powdery substance which was later field tested and confirmed to be methamphetamine, a spoon, scale, 4 unused hypodermic needles, and $480.00 cash.”

Matt was later booked and charged with attempt to elude a pursuing police vehicle, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). According to court records, the possession of a stolen vehicle charge was later dropped as Matt was found guilty of the other two counts — both felonies.

For our readers who have been keeping up with our coverage of Matt’s past (and very recent) run-ins with the law, you may be noticing a few consistencies. In addition to the recurring presence of meth, Matt also seems fond of stealing cars, theft, driving dangerously, and unsuccessfully trying to get away from police. Be sure to keep tuning in for more installments of The Frasier Files, which include more stolen vehicles, an armed robbery, a casino arrest, and that time Matt cut off his ankle monitor!

And, of course, be sure to also keep tuning in to new episodes of Love After Lockup, airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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