Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup preview trailer, series premieres June 14

Love After Lockup spin-off Life After Lockup cast

WE tv announced last month that they would be bringing back some familiar faces from reality television’s guiltiest pleasure for a new spin-off series titled Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. The new series is set to premiere in less than a month, and moments ago the network shared the first extended preview trailer!

Here is the network’s press release followed by the trailer:

During the explosive second season fans wildly tweeted at each Love After Lockup misstep – did our cast heed the advice to run from their shaky relationships, or do they remain blissfully in love? WE tv heard the fans and delivered the spin-off, Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup which premieres on Friday, June 14 at 9:00pm ET/PT. The new series follows five returning couples who fans have grown to know and love – or love to hate – as they face parole restrictions, temptation, and turbulence in their lives outside of prison walls. Will these troubled lovebirds break old habits with the support of their loved ones? Or will they break the rules and land back in the clink?

Throughout the eight episodes of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, fan-favorites Clint and Tracie; Marcelino and Brittany; Megan, Michael, and Sarah; Scott and Lizzie; and Andrea and Lamar will face new challenges and tackle many firsts in their new lives, from raising children to buying first homes to finding work and staying sober. These committed couples are doing it all while living under the restrictions of parole and dealing with the stresses and occasional turmoil of a new relationship. Now that these former inmates have left prison, will they be able to survive the real world and stay out of prison for good?

Oooooooooo lawd!

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the couples featured on Life After Lockup with brief info on what viewers can expect to see from each:

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Scott naked


Scott and Lizzie are now officially the Love After Lockup OGs as they are the only couple to be featured on every incarnation of the show: Season 1, Season 2, and now Life After Lockup. That feat seems extra remarkable given that Lizzie didn’t even get out of prison in Season 1, and the entirety of Season 2 was filmed over a period of less than two weeks, during which time the couple was staying in a hotel.

By the end of Season 2, Scott’s dire financial situation was finally revealed to Lizzie. Through a bit of mental gymnastics, Lizzie tried to convince Scott, her daughter, viewers, and possibly herself that she could no longer be with Scott because he wasn’t honest about how much money he had — not because he was broke. The relationship ended and Scott returned to California, where it was reveals at the end of the Season 2 finale that he had met a new woman named Jasmine.

Even though it is hard to believe, it sounds as though Jasmine was worse to Scott than Lizzie was! (Just click here for all that crazy drama.) Judging from the preview trailer, WE tv apparently arranged for Scott and Lizzie to meet up again. It appears as though Lizzie made the trip to California, as she is seen knocking on Scott’s door in the clip.

“There is part of me that still has feelings for Scott,” Lizzie is heard saying in her retro Valley Girl accent. Of course, those feelings are likely to disappear quickly when another woman answers the door at Scott’s house.

Oh, and for some unknown reason, we are all treated to Scott standing naked in a doorway with just a tablet covering his you know what. Thanks WE tv!

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Marcelino and Brittany's daughter Zoila


Marcelino and Brittany Santiago ended last season well on their way to a happily ever after. The two had a beautiful wedding, which wasn’t actually official because Marcelino was still married to another woman at the time. (How did that never come up on the show?!) Marcelino’s annulment would eventually go through (for a very eyebrow-raising reason) and he and Brittany made their union official by getting married on December 27. Right around that time, the couple welcomed their daughter, Zoila (Brittany and Marcelino have not been allowed to post photos of their daughter online. Hopefully, that will all change now.)

Does this mean Brittany and Marcelino’s story line on Life After Lockup is going to be all sunshine and lollipops? Of course not! The preview trailer indicates that Marcelino and Brittany will continue to struggle with some of her past issues — including drug and alcohol abuse, as well as her prison girlfriend Amanda. We also see a very brief and very emotional courtroom scene, which touches on what promises to be the couple’s biggest story line: an explosive custody battle for Brittany’s son Giovanni!


In case you missed it, Brittany’s ex Tito Santana posted earlier this month that Brittany and Marcelino had kidnapped Giovanni and he was unable to locate any of them. As we exclusively revealed, both Tito and Brittany would later file for emergency custody of Giovanni, with both sides making some very startling claims about the other!

One thing that both sides do agree on, however, is that Brittany and Marcelino took Giovanni after a physical altercation between Marcelino and Tito that was filmed for Life After Lockup. Yeah, their story is gonna be cuh-rayzay! (I should point out that I don’t believe there has actually been any sort of hearing involving Giovanni’s custody yet, so the courtroom scene may actually be about something we don’t even know about yet.)

UPDATE – I believe the court room scene was from the sentencing of Brittany’s close friend, and former prison bunkie, Sascha. Show producers filed a request to record the hearing, and the request was granted. You can click here to find out how the sentencing went, but know that it didn’t turn out well for Sascha at all.

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Clint and his Goddess Tracie


Clint and his Goddess are back! I’m pretty sure that Clint and Tracie are the only Love After Lockup couple that were actually behind bars at the same time, although WE tv somehow managed to not mention that in Season 2. For those of you who were unaware, Clint was arrested in Texas while reportedly traveling there to visit Tracie, who was locked up for a parole violation after stealing his rental car and going on a crack bender the day after their saloon wedding. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

Clint and Tracie may have left their law breaking ways behind, however, as they begin to live out their fairy tale romance with a road trip to Las Vegas. But, things aren’t all peachy keen between the two as Tracie is still trying to win over the respect of Clint’s parents. And apparently there was some sort of issue between Clint and his Goddess that rekindled his hatred of inanimate objects as he can be seen angrily kicking holes (and motherf***in’ cracks) in a hotel door.

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Andrea the Mormon and Lamar


The last time we checked in with Love After Lockup Season 1 couple Andrea (the Mormon) and Lamar, he was back in prison. “He’s not allowed to hang out with any gang members, even if it’s his family,” Andrea explained to her friends in a catch up clip. “He went somewhere with a friend, like one of his old ‘gang homies,’ and the friend he was with had a gun on him. And the friend he was with was on probation as well. And there was a stripper in the back seat.”

From our previous post:

Andrea is obviously emotional, and seems a bit distraught as she shares what her life has been like since Lamar was imprisoned again. “I’m out here by myself, with my kids,” she says. “His family, they don’t like me. I don’t get along with them. I don’t have anybody out here. And I’m a single mom again in the ‘hood. I’m basically alone.”

The lady Utes are still shocked as they ask Andrea what she is going to do — is she going to stay with Lamar or leave him?

“I love my husband,” Andrea asserts, “but I love my happiness more. So, I really wanted to, like, move back to Utah.” In addition to the practical difficulties of relocating her entire family again, Andrea says there is something else keeping her from moving back. “If I leave California, I’ll feel like a failure,” she confesses.

According to the preview trailer, Lamar is back out of prison, and Andrea is hoping to convince him to relocate to Utah with her. Well, perhaps “convince” is not a strong enough word. Lamar prefers to use the term “kidnapped.”

It looks like Andrea’s Life After Lockup story line will be her insistence on moving back to Utah and whether or not Lamar will be willing to move their with her. My money is on Lamar returning to California alone, but who knows?

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Sarah Megan Michael love triangle


What can I say? The love triangle between former Texas virgin Megan, accent chameleon Sarah, and their lockup Lothario Michael is not over. Sarah and Michael now have a second child together, but it seems he is still keeping his Texan fish on the line — much to the chagrin of Sarah, who is apparently not over her baby (babies) daddy. In other words, more of the same. And that is allllll good with me! 🙂

Life After Lockup is set to premiere on Friday, June 14 at 9/8c on WE tv. According to the initial press release announcing the show, it will have eight one-hour episodes. That doesn’t seem like nearly enough, but perhaps they will have Love After Lockup Season 3 ready to go by the time Life After Lockup wraps up. Please, please, please! ?

If you’re a big Love After Lockup fan looking to kill a little time before the new show starts, I recommend you check out Jailbirds on Netflix! I also recommend you check out our list of the top seven astonishing things that were somehow left out of Season 2, including secret marriages, children, and arrests!

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