LOVE AFTER LOCKUP SPOILERS Who did Michael choose? Plus Megan & Sarah feud on Twitter

On Friday night’s episode of Love After Lockup, viewers were shocked to discover that incarcerated felon Michael Simmons was not only engaged to 28-year-old virgin Megan from Fort Worth, Texas, but he also secretly married Sarah, the 24-year-old mother of his daughter from Farmington, New York. With Michael’s release just days away, both Megan and Sarah are expecting to be there when he gets out so they can begin their happily ever afters — both completely unaware of of Michael’s romantic relationship with the other.

So who wins the Michael jackpot, and who winds up looking like a love chump by gaining membership to the Convicted Felonely Hearts Club on national TV? Judging from social media, the jackpot winner looks to be the wife, Sarah. Both she and Michael posted numerous photos looking quite happy together after his release in late May/early June. The photos would eventually stop — but more on that in a minute.

Speaking of social media, it seems both women are still a little sore about being played by the locked up lothario as they went after each other in a bitter Twitter battle over the weekend. Strangely, there are references in their exchanges to Megan losing her virginity to Michael — but I’m not really sure how that would have happened unless Michael fibbed to Sarah and/or Megan about his release date?

Another aspect of their interactions that might seem strange is how they both talk about Michael as if he isn’t there — including Sarah. That is because Michael isn’t there. He is back behind bars after being arrested for narcotics possession earlier this month. (Click the link for all the details about his latest arrest, as well as his previous run-ins with the law.)

Keeping with the “seems strange” theme, Sarah’s “secret” wedding was kind of a big deal when she revealed it on the show, but it appears as though she posted the announcement on Facebook on her wedding day. Her profile says she and Michael got married on October 13, 2017, and that’s the same day she posted her relationship status update — compete with numerous congratulations from friends and family. WE tv shared a photo of Sarah’s wedding day and revealed that it did happen in October:

OK, before we move on to the Twitter pettiness, I wanted to shed some light on another popular question viewers have been asking ever since the love triangle was revealed. Who was it that first approached producers? A Twitter user asked Megan whether it was her or Sarah who applied to be on the show. “‘Twas me,” Megan reveals, “and you’ll see what’s up throughout the season lol.”

I should point out that Megan appears to be a HUGE reality show fan, including 90 Day Fiance — another popular series by the same producers as Love After Lockup. So it certainly make sense that Love After Lockup would be on her radar.

Enough stalling! It’s time to move on to Sarah and Megan’s Twitter feud via some highlighted excerpts — which also includes input from Michael’s sister DayDay:

TWEET: Somebody answer this for me..this woman been in this relationship 6 yrs and just now decided to get married? Is it cause of the show ooor what?? I think her story is she pregnant and need to tell dude.what are yall thoughts

SARAH: No. Because I wasn’t going to play house no more when there was a child involved. It was all or nothing. We wanted to get married for a long time! He begged me to marry him since the day we met. I married him because it was time and we were not the ones to ever want a ceremony

TWEET: Idk if I would flaunt him so much…I mean he did have a whole fiancée on you ??‍♀️ #IssaPlayer

MEGAN: Le sigh… exactly.

SARAH: Ummm no… he had a whole wife on her ?

SARAH [RE: MEGAN]: Please girl. Your still sending him ? ?‍♀️

MEGAN: ???? you thought. Must be manda panda

SARAH: Your still contacting him all the time!

SARAH: People don’t know my truth yet bc I’m following the show. As I should. But you out here lyin.. straight up. You know you forgave his ass ??

MEGAN: But did you forgive him too?

SARAH: The answer is in the show❗️?‍♀️

TWEET: Don’t you feel bad for her @sarahsimmonns179?

SARAH: No. She knew about me. I didn’t know about her. I don’t feel bad for home wreckers ?❗️

MEGAN: ???? b*tch stop f**king playin wit me.

MICHAEL’S SISTER DAYDAY: So u never knew about Sarah? ?? interesting ?.

MEGAN: I knew that she was his baby mama. That’s all. You have my number you can text me.

DAYDAY: No we can talk on here… you talk to @sarahsimmons179 on here so we can too. I’m just finding all of this funny ???‍♀️. So many lies have been told! I know a lot more than you think I do ?

MEGAN: I know you do…. What you skipped over was the fact that you knew. Since you feel so offended….And you just love your family. You could have told me.

DAYDAY: Never offended ??. I honestly don’t gaf to be real ?. And yes I love my family so what? Michael was who u called yourself being in a relationship with not his little sister! Ion gotta tell you nothing cus it’s not my place! I don’t get into my brothers mess

MEGAN: But you’re tweeting messy sh*t, saying i deserved it. Okay. Lol

DAYDAY: You did… you spent 12k on somebody that’s in prison ?. Last time I checked you didn’t have a car… is that true? I don’t owe nobody no loyalty but my family and since they are married legally she’s my family sooo of course I’m not finna let u keep talking ?

MEGAN: I did. Because I loved him. If I spent 12k or 20k I got it so I do what I want with my money. I can get it back. Do you have a car?

DAYDAY: You worried about what I have when you lost your virginity to a married man with a child who was in prison. GET YO PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!! ??? key word You “Loved” him. I bet you feel stupid ??. Your embarrassed so ima let u talk yo ?❤️

MEGAN: No sweetie. You’re worried about what I have. You keep saying that like I’m supposed to cry about it… lol I have no regrets in that area.

DAYDAY: I know one thing you don’t have ?… my brother ?❤️. And no don’t cry, you grown u make your own decisions! ? you knew what was up ??‍♀️. That’s why I just feel like u was dumb in the situation and I don’t feel bad for you!

MEGAN: Lmao! Girl. Smh.

DAYDAY: Ion feel bad at all ??‍♀️?

MEGAN: Girl. Are you f**king serious? I’ve had conversations with you and you never once mentioned he was married. He never told me he was married. Why tf would I be with him and waste my time? Lol over all the fake sh*t.

SARAH: I found the whole EMAIL where he told your ass … so how am I lying … I will post soon!

MEGAN: Post it.

SARAH: Will do!

SARAH: Could’ve Bought A Car with that 12k ??

MEGAN: I said nothing to you last night… lol Obviously you’re the one that’s still hurt baby girl. ??

TWEET: With a chick on the side ?? This can’t be real. ?? Ain’t no way in hell I’d be on here bragging when my HUSBAND got me out here looking all kinds of crazy. #NOPE #LoveAfterLockup

SARAH: You clearly do not know a damn thing ? keep ya Megan drama and opinions away from me honey!

TWEET: I was under the impression that she knew about her, but she was only a baby mama…nothing more. I don’t think she knew they were together.

SARAH: The fact NOW is… she knew about me. I am a woman. I respect other woman. Period. BUT when I found out she knew all of that changed!

TWEET [RE: SARAH]: FINALLY it’s said. HE was the one lying to both of y’all. Regardless who ends up with him, he has shown that his ways has not changed. He was still cheating just behind bars. #CHEATER Y’all are better than that going after each other

SARAH: ?? at the end of the day I am a mother above anything and that’s my focus❗️I don’t want nor need to keep going back and forth. I’m hurting but not because of her .. BECAUSE OF HIM! ?? she just brings gas to the fire at this point and I don’t need that!

SARAH: @Glamour_Hippy You DONT EVEN KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you speak on me and my tendencies when you know nothing about me!!!! I AM THE VICTIM sh*t so are you! What I do with that is what counts. I’m still growing, raising my kid, and successful! ?? HE DID THIS!

MEGAN: Good. I don’t feel bad for you. Don’t start sh*t with me when I was trying to be civil.

SARAH: This is childish I’m done with you!

MEGAN: Good, stay off my phone too.

SARAH: Not interested in your social media bs or you period. So no worries. I got better things to focus on!

MEGAN: Great, do that then.

Wow. I simply HAVE to see this all play out! Be sure to follow along with new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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