LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Matt Frasier details on 2019 felony arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle

As we previously reported, Love After Lockup star Matt Frasier found himself back behind bars earlier this month when he was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle on January 4. We now have some additional details from the arrest, and things do not look good for Caitlin’s bad boy beau.

According to the arresting officer, cops were first tipped off when they detected a LoJack signal on January 4 for a 1999 Acura that had been reported stolen. A vehicle matching the description was located by a Washington state trooper piloting an aircraft near Rainier, Washington.

An officer on the ground arrived on the scene and observed that the vehicle in question, which was parked in a residential driveway, did match the color, make, and model of the stolen Acura. The license plate on the car did not match, but it turned out to be an expired plate for a different vehicle.

The address listed does not match that of Matt’s mother, which was the address both Matt and Caitlin provided after his first of two car crashed back in December.

“I watched the residence from a distance when, at approximately 1540 hours, the vehicle left the residence and I observed a male driver and female passenger in the vehicle,” the officer on the scene says. The officer followed the car to a local Chevron station, and pulled the couple over when they were driving back towards the residence.

“The vehicle now had a Washington trip permit on the rear window which appeared altered/fake and was still displaying the non-matching plates,” the officer says, before then describing a whole lot of shadiness:

WSP Communications confirmed the vehicle stolen when I ran the VIN. There were several clearly visible shaved keys strewn about inside the vehicle. Frasier had a Honda vehicle key and a Ford Mustang vehicle key in his pocket…He stated he had “no clue” about them. The key he placed from the ignition onto the windshield during the felony stop was also for a Honda.

It’s unclear at this time who the woman was who was riding with Matt.

Matt was booked for felony possession of a stolen vehicle, and was later released on bond on January 8. He has a jury trial scheduled for April 15, but I am guessing that he will cut some sort of plea deal before then. However, even if Matt somehow manages to plead down to a misdemeanor of some sort, I can’t imagine this won’t be enough to violate his probation and land him right back in prison.

We will continue to monitor his case and provide updates.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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