Has Trisha Paytas given birth yet? People are memeing that her baby is the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth

There’s a viral meme going around the Internet claiming that Trisha Paytas is in labor/has given birth and joking that her new daughter is the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8, 2022. Has Trisha even gone into labor yet?

When Trisha tweeted “1 cm dilated! Woo hoo!” on September 7, 2022 after a doctor’s appointment, the hive mind of the Internet took that as confirmation that she was in labor. As many people who have been pregnant before noted in the replies, 1 cm dilation doesn’t really mean much and it could still be days or weeks before Trisha’s baby is born. Trisha herself did not elaborate or claim that she was in labor, people merely assumed it because she was announcing a dilation update.

The next day Queen Elizabeth of England died at age 96 years old, and a meme was born. On Friday, September 9, 2022, Trisha released a YouTube video clarifying that she was still very much pregnant and that she was uncomfortable with the meme that was being spread. She explained that she was flattered by the number of people interested in her baby’s birth, but also didn’t want the birth of her daughter to be associated with someone’s death.

Trisha also didn’t want people to think she started the meme. She did acknowledge that she has a reputation for trolling and offending people, which is why people think she either started and/or approves of the meme.

“This is one of those times where you just wish you could take back everything in the past,” Trisha says. “And just wish you could hide and be, like, private.”

Trisha says that she’s been getting a lot of early congratulations from people she knows in real life because everyone was reporting that she’d already gone into labor. She said that it’s been heartbreaking to tell them that she hasn’t had the baby yet, and feels like she’s disappointing people by not having the baby yet.

She also doesn’t want to be associated with Queen Elizabeth’s death because she doesn’t want to “disrespect the royal family or anyone in England.” She made the official statement that the Queen has not been reincarnated as her baby and that she has the “deepest condolences for the royal family and everyone in England.”

Trisha also apologized for having her name on the Twitter trending page on the same day as Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Although Trisha is still currently pregnant, she could have the baby at any moment and has an induction scheduled if she doesn’t go into labor.

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