Cause of death of makeup influencer Jaclyn Hill’s ex husband Jon Hill released


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On August 10, 2022 beauty guru Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband Jon Hill was found dead on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, California. His cause of death has recently been released.

Jon, full name is Andrew Jonathan Hill, passed away from an accidental overdose of fentanyl and methamphetamine according to the Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office. He was only 33 years old.

“Jon, you were the most kind & compassionate person I’ve ever known. You looked people in the eyes & you truly listened & cared about what they had to say,” Jaclyn shared on Instagram after his death. “You had so much talent you didn’t even know what to do with it. You turned your pain into art & touched so many people with your honesty in your music. You were one of the funniest people I’ve ever met! You made everybody laugh uncontrollably & I will forever miss that about you.”

“I know we ended our marriage but we never stopped loving & caring for each other. All I ever wanted was for you to find your happiness & be free from your struggles,” Jaclyn added. “My heart is broken knowing that you are gone but my spirit knows that you are finally free. And I know that you’re up there playing the drums right now making everyone laugh. I will carry our memories & inside jokes with me for the rest of my life. Rest peacefully. Love, Twix.”

Jon was very open about his struggle with addiction, which he had been fighting since age 17. In January 2021, Jaclyn reached out to her following on Twitter asking for prayers for Jon. “Please send prayers to Jon Hill. He was my best friend starting at 15 years old. He has been open about his addiction and he needs your prayers,” she wrote on the social media site.

Who was Jon Hill?

Jon was musician whose forte was the drums. In 2019 he released an album titled Rebirth under the band name The Jon Hill Project that featured candid lyrics about his struggles with addiction and mental health.

In a November 2018 interview with Substream Magazine, Jon opened up about his addiction and divorce.

He told the website that his marriage to Jaclyn had been mostly happy, but had suffered under the strain of her growing fame and wealth. “Nothing against her, think it had to do with me,” Jon said. “I’ve had addiction problems since I was eighteen, and now I’m five months clean.”

He put a lot of the blame for the marriage breaking up on himself at the time, and shared how their new status in life made it difficult for him to resist drugs.

“A lot of it was just pain I put her through — I could have been a lot better of a husband. And her fame kind of taking off just didn’t really help, it made that extravagant life and kind of drug life and material stuff more appealing.”

“In the end, it kind of just became more like roommates and less like husband and wife,” Jon continued. “I relapsed back in December and I was keeping it from her for a while, and I knew once I fell back into it, it was inevitable that it would come to the surface at that point.”

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

Jaclyn Hill got her start as a beauty influencer on YouTube, and Jon Hill was a prominent part of her early content. The pair wed in 2009 and announced their divorce in May 2018.

Over the years Jaclyn has amassed millions of followers on social media platforms like YouTube (5.6 million) and Instagram (8.2 million,) by sharing her makeup skills and lifestyle recommendations.

In 2019 Jaclyn launched her own makeup brand: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics to disastrous results. She began with a lipstick launch that sent out products with myriad issues. Some customers claimed they found fibers, mold and other strange textures and spots in their lipsticks.

Jaclyn eventually issued a full refund to everyone who bought from the launch. Her company took a long break, but she is currently back to producing cosmetic products under the same label.

The makeup mogul is currently engaged to Jordan Farnum, a videographer and food blogger, who she has been dating for four years.

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