Amouranth update: Is Amouranth ok?

Two days ago (October 15, 2022) top Twitch streamer Amouranth revealed to the world that she was being abused by her husband by streaming him yelling at her and showing disturbing text messages he sent her that demonstrated emotional and financial abuse. Is she doing ok now?

Amouranth has built a multi-million empire by “hot-tub” live-streaming on Twitch (where she has 5.9 million followers), a successful Only Fans account, and entrepreneurial endeavors like selling her farts in a jar for $1000 each. During her husband’s rant he threatened to give all of their cash away to charity and ruin her hugely successful online career by posting damaging things on her social media accounts.

Amouranth described her situation as abusive, which was backed up by her husband’s words and actions. She likened her life to living in a “fancy prison.” For a while, she said they had been making progress in therapy, but that all changed when they decided she should “grind” on the hot-tub category on Twitch.

“You used my body to build this empire,” she tells him at one point.

The hot tub category allows people to dress in bikinis as long as they’re in a body of water. Amouranth uses a small above-ground pool that she has inside of a room of her residence, where she often streams daily.

When he threatened to sabotage her OnlyFans account, Amouranth pointed out that she personally knew the head of the popular spicy site.

Why were Amouranth and her husband fighting?

The troubling situation with Amouranth seemed to have been triggered by the fact that Amouranth didn’t hear something her husband said. Instead of repeating what he said, he threatened to kill her dogs, which got her attention.

From there the disagreement escalated into her husband threatening to destroy everything.

Is Amouranth okay now?

Monday, October 17, 2022 a representative for Amouranth (who is also known as “Kait”) gave an update to Twitter.

“ppl on the team were able to talk to her and she says she’s fine,” @marz, who is her content lead, tweeted.

He went on to share that police have been her to house multiple times since the early morning of Sunday, October 16.

“She says she’s OK so they can’t do much,” @marz continued. “She spent all day talking to her husband to sort things out / not sure what else we can do rn.”


When Amouranth revealed the shocking situation she was in, many of her fans blamed her for being in a abusive situation and called her a “scammer” for not being open about being married.

Many of her fans donate to her and other e-girls as part of a parasocial girlfriend fantasy and usually don’t want to think that the object of their affection is in a real life relationship.

During the livestream where she exposed the truth about her situation, Amouranth said that it was her husband’s idea to keep his existence a secret. Coming out about being married would “ruin the business model,” according to him.

In 2018 a YouTuber named Myles King found out that Amouranth was married, but until now it wasn’t widely known information.

Despite the negative reactions she’s received, Amouranth has also gotten an outpouring of support of those concerned about her situation. It’s almost as if Amouranth is living in an episode of black-mirror where she has become wealthy and privileged at a huge personal cost.

National domestic violence hotline 800-799-7233

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