YouTuber Foodie Beauty tricked into giving her cat to her nemesis instead of euthanizing her

Canadian YouTuber Foodie Beauty a.k.a Chantal Sauralt (38) has recently converted to Islam and is moving to Kuwait to be with her new husband Salah. Because of this, she is cutting ties with her life in Canada by rehoming her cats, and leaving the apartment she shares with her ex-fiancé Peetz.

One of Chantals’ cats is elderly, and Chantal has been strongly suggesting that she planned to euthanize her. In a bid to save the cat’s life Chantal’s nemesis, the reaction channel French Fried Gorl, led Chantal into thinking she was rehoming the cat with a bed-bound fan of her channel. The person was a viewer, but what Chantal didn’t know was that she is also related to French Fried Gorl, and French Friend Gorl will be financially taking care of the cat.

Chantal says that French Fried Gorl caused false and exaggerated outrage over Foodie’s planned vet appointment for her cat.

Chantal has recently rehomed her six-year-old cat Sam, and has heavily hinted that because BBJ was over 20 years old she might be “put down” at her vet appointment. She has spoken on livestreams about what she says is the health decline of BBJ and taken to her community section to defend her right to euthanize her cat as a humane option.

These comments triggered huge backlash from Chantals’ critics and supporters alike. Many were skeptical about the cat’s alleged failing health because she appears on lifestreams looking spry and energetic for her age.

Furthermore Chantal’s roommate Peetz, who has been living with BBJ while Chantal was in Kuwait for three months, has said that BBJ has had no decline in health that they’ve been able to notice.

The worry was that Chantal was looking to euthanize BBJ for her own convenience.

Now that the cat is with her biggest hater, Chantal’s claiming that the vet appointment was only to trim BBJ’s nails and that this has been overblown.

Before rehoming the cat, the new caregivers asked Chantal to not to take her to her scheduled vet appointment. Chantal now says that this was to make sure that the cat’s nails did not get trimmed so that detail could be used as fodder against her.

How did French Fried Gorl get access BBJ?

A woman named Amy Flowers reached out to Chantal/Foodie Beauty over Instagram asking to care for BBJ. According to Chantal, Amy claimed to be bed bound and to have experience with elderly cats.

Chantal arranged to drop BBJ off someone associated with Amy.

Amy Flowers turned out to be French Fried Gorl’s sister-in-law, Chantal actually left her cat with FFG’s brother. FFG argued that the viewer was, indeed, a fan of Chantal’s, or a “Beezer” as Chantal refers to her fans. However, Chantal had no idea that the person she gave her cat to was actually FFG’s brother.

According to French Fried Gorl, BBJ has been seen by a new vet already who checked her out for any health issues. BBJ is reportedly not deaf like Chantal has claimed her to be for years, and is in excellent health for her age, although they are still awaiting tests to get back to see her full picture of health.

The cat’s nails had grown very long, however, which Chantal says she knew about while she was in Kuwait but decided to wait until she came back to Canada to deal with. The nails had grown so long that they had grown into five of the cat’s paw pads. She also had matted fur around her butt.

Although she has been heavily arguing her case for euthanizing her cat, she now claims that her plan all along was to rehome the cat and she wishes she had been able to get the cat into a different home than one associated with FFG.

BBJ is currently staying with French Fried Gorl’s brother and sister in law, but FFG is taking care of the financial care of the cat. “BBJ is going to live the rest

Before Chantal knew about the true identity of her cat’s new caregivers, she released a video titled “REHOMING BBJ MY 20 YEAR OLD CAT 😢”

Chantal has contacted the cops, but they told her there is nothing they can do about the situation.

Chantal is live-streaming her emotional reaction to the news that BBJ is in French Fried Gorl’s care in a stream calling FFG a “cat thief,” but later streamed under the name “YOU WIN.” Once the live was over, the title changed to “YOU WIN A BATTLE BUT NOT THE WAR!”

French Fried Gorl also live-streamedher reaction to Chantal’s reaction.

French Fried Gorl, who had made regular reaction videos to Chantal for years, has met Chantal in real life. She once attended a fashion show Chantal put on at a local mall.

In the past year she had made friends with one of Chantal’s ex-best friends, Shannon. Chantal and Shannon had been friends since childhood and even lived together when they were teenagers when their parents kicked them out of their homes.

French Fried Gorl and Shannon

The history of BBJ

Chantal originally got BBJ (full name BeBeJunes) with her current roommate Peetz (real name James) when they were engaged two decades ago. BBJ’s original name was Casey, and Peetz still continued to call her that because she was renamed after the man Chantal cheated on him with.

Chantal cheated on Peetz and then moved in with a man she nicknamed “BiBi.” BeBeJunes appears to be a play on “BiBi” with the added French word “Junes,” which means “young.”

Chantal’s relationship with Bibi fizzled out in 2020, and she moved back in with Peetz, with whom she had maintained a platonic relationship since their breakup.

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