RHOSLC Who is Robert Cosby Jr’s wife Alexiana? PHOTOS, EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

Robert Cosby Jr's wife Alexiana

Who did The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby’s son marry? We have exclusive details on Robert Cosby Jr’s wife, 19-year-old Alexiana!

As Starcasm was the first to confirm, Robert Cosby Jr and And Alexiana were officially married by a Salt Lake County judge on August 18, 2022. The couple’s marriage certificate reveals that Robert was 19 years old at the time, and his bride was 18.

Unfortunately, there is very little additional information about Alexiana on the marriage certificate. However, we have been able to dig up some details on Mary Cosby’s new-ish daughter-in-law, including numerous photos!

RHOSLC Mary Cosby's daughter-in-law Alexiana

Alexiana poses in front of Mary Cosby’s fireplace

Robert Cosby Jr’s wife Alexiana details

Alexiana received a happy birthday message from a family member on Instagram on July 15, so it is likely that is her birthday. That would mean Alexiana and Robert got married roughly one month after she turned 18.

According to Utah statutes, if you are under 18, you are required to have signed consent from a parent or guardian to get married. If Alexiana is the young woman who was dating and staying with Robert back in 2021, then it would make sense that she would have to wait.

In case you missed it, Robert Cosby Jr and Mary Cosby were both charged with misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and unlawfully providing shelter to a runaway after the mother of Robert’s underage girlfriend at the time contacted authorities about her staying at the Cosbys’ house. The charges were later dismissed.

Is Robert Cosby Jr’s wife the same woman that he was dating in 2021 that resulted in the criminal charges? The minor’s name was not mentioned in any of the court documents, but it does appear likely that it was Alexiana.

In November of last year, Alexiana’s maternal grandmother posted a photo with her on Facebook and mentioned that Alexiana was “now married!” A commenter asked who the spouse was, and Alexiana’s grandmother was a bit coy with her response in that she didn’t mention a name. However, she did say that Alexiana’s “been with him for so long!”

In October of 2022, Alexiana posted some flowers from Robert. “After 3 years I’ve never gone without flowers,” Alexiana wrote. Perhaps October of 2022 was their 3-year anniversary?

The first interaction I could find between Robert and Alexiana on social media is in the comments of an Instagram selfie gallery posted by Robert in September of 2020.

“Damn you so fine be my boyfriend???” Alexiana wrote. Robert did some foreshadowing by responding with, “wife 😘😘😘.”

One week later, Robert posted another selfie gallery on Instagram. Alexiana commented with two 💖💖 emoji. Robert responded with “💕💕💕.” The couple’s mushy interactions continued on pretty much every subsequent post.

Robert posted a photo gallery on Instagram in December of 2020 that features himself and a young woman. She looks a lot like Alexiana, but she’s wearing a hoodie and it’s hard to know for sure. Alexiana is the only person who left a comment on the gallery. “You are so handsome 🤧,” she wrote.

The criminal charges were filed against Mary and Robert on April 8, 2021. Two days later, Robert posted a gallery of photos with Alexiana in which she was wearing see-through lingerie. I assume the gallery was meant as a sign of defiance after the criminal charges were filed. (Given that Alexiana was a minor at the time, I cannot repost any of the photos here.)

Alexiana posted a gallery on Instagram in May of 2021, including one photo of herself giving the camera the middle finger. “i🖤u 4ever bae,” she captioned the gallery.

“My everything,” Robert wrote in the comments. “my 🌎,” Alexiana responded.

Real Housewives of Slat Lake City Alexiana selfie

Alexiana’s mom

Robert Cosby, Jr.’s mom Mary Cosby is no stranger to drama — both legally and in her personal life. However, that kind of drama is nothing new for Lexiana’s family either.

The day after criminal charges were filed against Mary Cosby and Robert Cosby, Jr., Alexiana’s aunt on her mother’s side filed a petition for guardianship of Alexiana. On May 5, Alexiana’s aunt was appointed as a legal guardian, “to serve concurrently” with Alexiana’s biological mother.

There was no mention of Alexiana’s biological father in the final court order, but there is a man named as an “other party” in the case, which is the same distinction as Alexiana’s mom.

Court records indicate that in August of 2007, Alexiana’s mom filed a request for a protective order against the man named in the guardianship filing. In that court case, Alexiana’s mom was granted physical custody of an unnamed minor child. The man has a long list of very serious criminal charges.

In June of 2021, which was roughly two months after the charges were filed against Robert and Mary, Alexiana’s mother filed a request for a civil stalking injunction against another man named Alexander Tuita.

Five days prior to the request being filed, Alex Tuita poured gas on the walls of a Salt Lake City office building and set fire to it. The office building and a single family home were completely destroyed in the blaze. A duplex was also heavily burned. In total, the fire was estimated to have caused just under $2 million in damages.

The office building that burned down was where the massage business owned by Alexiana’s mother was located. Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

In a probable cause statement, investigators wrote that a woman who owned a massage business in the office building said that Tuita — a former client she had banned from her business — has been stalking her. She said he called and texted her “inappropriate things”; created a fake Instagram profile of her; and challenged her fiance to a fight.

According to the statement, “When confronted, Tuita admitted to creating the profile because he was ‘obsessed’ with” the business owner, who was “in the process of seeking a civil stalking injunction against Tuita when the fire occurred.”

A second woman who owned a second massage business in Ashton Offices had obtained a civil stalking injunction against Tuita in 2018. It remains in effect through Dec. 10.

I should mention that Alexiana has a younger brother who is 10 years old. It’s unclear what Alexiana’s current status is with her biological mother or the rest of her family. Given the criminal charges, I’m assuming Alexiana’s mother wasn’t/isn’t a fan of Robert.

Alexiana troubled?

A large portion of the Instagram posts by Robert Cosby, Jr. feature himself and Alexiana smoking what looks to be marijuana and also drinking purple drinks. (More on that in an article coming soon!)

Starcasm readers are likely aware of the fact that Robert Cosby Jr was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession in December of 2020. The arresting officer mentions that there was a “young female” with Robert at the time, but it is unclear if that was Alexiana.

Five days after marrying Robert, Alexiana posted the following photo on Instagram in which she appears to have multiple pills on her tongue:

RHOSLC Robert Cosby Jr's wife Alexiana with pills on her tongue

“Pls chill!” wrote one commenter, adding a black heart emoji. “That pic was before I went to rehab,” Alexiana replied. “I’ve definitely chilled out.”

It’s unclear is Alexiana was joking with her comment or not — both about going to rehab and now being chilled out.

In Alexiana’s most recent photos, she can be seen with crutches and wearing a large brace or cast on her left leg.

Real Hosuewives of Salt Lake City Mary cosby's son Robert Cosby Jr married, wife Alexiana

An Instagram follower asked Alexiana what happened that caused the injury. “Jumped off a 3 story balcony,” Alexiana explained. “Illegal sh*t,” she added.

It will be interesting to see if Alexiana will be appearing on the current season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The fact that she is no longer a minor certainly seems to open the door to that possibility.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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