SISTER WIVES Mykelti Padron turns on Robyn Brown, accuses her of lying

Mykelti Brown Padron has been a neutral party when it comes to the fracturing of her Sister Wives family. Typically on good terms with Robyn Brown, Mykelti shockingly called her dad’s 4th wife out for lying.

Read more to hear what she said on her Patreon (that typically costs $10 to view!)…

Mykelti Padron Patreon

Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron have an account on Patreon, the website that allows creators to charge for their content.

Their site bio states that they discuss everything “From Sister Wives to Parenthood and Everything in Between.”

There are currently 141 videos uploaded to their site. The pay structure for the Brown/Padron family can be seen below:

Mykelti turns on Robyn

Mykelti Padron has been a neutral party when it comes to all the mothers on Sister Wives. Where many have drawn their lines in the sand and cut Robyn out of their lives, Mykelti has supported her and visited with her when others wouldn’t.

Unfortunately for the family, a new fracture has emerged – Padron has turned on Robyn, saying “enough is enough” to her lies.

On a recent episode, Robyn makes the claim that Kody’s relationships with his kids turned sour when Christine left the family. On her Patreon, which Mykelti and Tony charge $10 per subscription, she clapped back at Robyn, setting the record straight:

That’s not true! Their relationship started being rough way before COVID and way before mom left. Way before.

Looks like Mykelti isn’t going to let Robyn get away with stretching the truth – we aren’t sure the lasting effects of this betrayal, but its likely Padron is no longer “Switzerland” when it comes to her mothers.

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