Cole and Chelsea DeBoer opening Down Home By DeBoers storefront in 2024

Cole and Chelsea DeBoer's Down Home By DeBoer store in Tea South Dakota

Down Home Fab stars Cole DeBoer and Chelsea DeBoer are expanding their home decorating and renovation empire to include a retail store!

“WE ARE OPENING A STOREFRONT!” Chelsea and Cole declared in an Instagram post earlier today. The post was accompanied by a video montage of Chelsea, Cole and their kids checking out the unfinished retail space.

Here’s the video, followed by the rest of the DeBoers’ excited announcement:

We are SO excited to officially announce Down Home by DeBoers will be coming to Tea, SD in 2024! Down Home is a collection of Home Decor, Accents, and Furniture, as well as an exclusive section for Aubree Says! It’s ALWAYS been a dream of ours to have a place of our own, and we are so excited to bring this store to our community & beyond! We cannot wait to meet everyone who walks through our doors 🖤

Follow along on our buildout journey and eventually our grand opening @downhomedeboers

Here are side-by-side floor plans for the Down Home by DeBoers store from the property developer and from the video:

Down Home By DeBoers store floor plan

And below is what I assume to be a mock up of what the interior might look like when it’s completed taken from the video:

Down Home By DeBoers store inside

Where is the Down Home By DeBoers store located?

As Chelsea and Cole revealed in their announcement, the Down Home By DeBoers store will be located in Tea, South Dakota, which is southwest of Sioux Falls.

To be more specific, the Down Home By DeBoers store will be located just off Interstate 29 near the Marv Skie–Lincoln County Airport. Based on the floor plan, the space is roughly 2,260 square feet.

In what I assume was a HUUUUGE selling point for Chelsea, the property developer’s website indicates that the Down Home By DeBoers store is located next door to a brand new Starbucks! There are also two additional retail spaces in the same building on the other side of Down Home By DeBoers.

Included in the image at the top of this post is a very rough mockup with the locations of Starbucks and Down Home By DeBoers included. (The building image is from the property developer — I’ve just added the signs.)

Congratulations again to Cole and Chelsea DeBoer on their continued success! We look forward to seeing more updates on the storefront, and also information on the new season of Down Home Fab on HGTV!

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