90 DAY FIANCE Sad relationship update from Cleo and Christian

Londoner Cleo from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6 has given a shocking update on her relationship with Minneapolis native Christian Allgood.

Keep reading for more about where the couple stands as of October 2023…

Before the 90 Days Christian and Cleo

Christian Allgood and Cleo were the first couple featured on the series Before the 90 Days to feature 1 transgender and 1 cisgender partner.

There have been other trans/cis couples on other iterations of 90 – Gabe and Isabel from The Other Way and Nikki and Justin from the current season of 90 Day Fiancé.

Christian Allgood is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and during is stint on reality television he travelled to London to meet his girlfriend Cleo to see if they should pursue the K1 Visa.

During his visit the couple had many missteps due to Allgood not really understanding how to navigate Cleo’s Autism. Though it seemed like the couple wouldn’t go the distance, the pair were still together at the Tell All for the series and Christian even proposed the idea of marriage to Cleo with her saying yes (in a stunned fashion.)

BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Did Cleo make it to Minnesota with Christian?

Even more surprisingly, Cleo had come to Minnesota to visit and said that she had a great time and was accepted by Christian’s family.

Cleo gives relationship update

Fans of Christian and Cleo will be upset to find out that the 90 Day Fiancé couple is no longer together. In an Instagram post earlier today, Cleo gave the following update:

@stereotypical_cleo I know a lot of people want to know and keep asking, but we are no longer together as we could not deal with the complexities of a long distance relationship while on such a public scale. Please respect our privacy 🖤 – Please understand I love him and will always love him, I don’t regret the fact he came into my life, I was hoping we could be a happily ever after, but we have very different personalities and emotional needs, and that was excruciatingly painful for both. This isn’t because we don’t love each other. He will forever be in my heart, we’ve supported each other a lot in this past over a year and a half, I wish him all the best, I will love him forever. Neither of us are perfect, I’m very insecure and codependent, please don’t send him any hate

Cleo posted Taylor Swift lyrics to her story, so we know she is torn up about the breakup…

As of the date of this article Christian has not posted or spoken out about his breakup.

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