THE DUGGARS Lauren Duggar resurfaces wearing a revealing swimsuit after years MIA

19 Kids and Counting‘s Josiah and Lauren Duggar have been totally under the radar since brother Josh went to jail for impropriate content of minors.

Lauren has resurfaced in a video wearing a shocking swimsuit that is definitely NOT Duggar approved.

Keep scrolling to see the image…

Josiah and Lauren Duggar 

Josiah Duggar is the 8th child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, subjects of the TLC reality shows 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On.

Josiah Duggar had a failed courtship to Marjorie Jackson in 2014, around the time the initial scandals with Josh Duggar began. Most believe Jackson didn’t want to be negatively associated with him.

After failed courtship with Josiah Duggar, Marjorie Jackson had a serious “glow up”

Later in 2018, Josiah found his love and got engaged to Lauren Swanson after a 6 week long courtship. The pair have 3 kids, though not much is known about their 3rd as the couple went MIA after more family drama.

The Duggars Disappear

After Josh Duggar was sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison for possessing child p*rnography, many Duggars quietly removed their social media presence and went off the grid.

Kendra and Joe haven’t posted to Instagram since November 2021. It is rumored they may also have had a 4th child.

Michelle Duggar, mother of Josh, straight up left the country when the heat got turned up on her sons crimes.

19 KIDS AND COUNTING Michelle Duggar flees to Israel amid family drama

Josiah and Lauren Duggar were another couple to go completely off the map when Josiah’s brother went to jail. They took things a step further and deleted their Instagram, going private with no posts and 700K followers.

Lauren Duggar resurfaces

Lauren Duggar has resurfaced and honestly, we are surprised by the context.

The Duggars had their annual beach vacation, where the kids and their kids gather every summer in rental homes. In the background of Joy-Anna’s documentary video of the trip is none other than Lauren Duggar.

It’s crazy enough the Duggar’s are at the beach, as they were restricted from them as children, but what Lauren was wearing has fans going nuts… she appears to be in a low cut swimsuit

Not only that but her potential 3rd child is in view of the screenshot. Joy-Anna spilled a lot of tea in her video without even realizing it.

Looking good, mama! After a major lack of updates, we are glad to see Lauren is free to wear what she wants!

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