LaTisha Collier buying $895k house; plus eviction & lawsuits updates

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier new house

Love During Lockup‘s LaTisha Collier isn’t going to let a few lawsuits, bankruptcies and evictions stand in her way of achieving the American Dream! The Boss Tax and Accounting Services founder revealed on Instagram last week that she and her felon bae, Kieth Collier, are in the process of “buying a million dollar home!”

LaTisha shared the news with a text graphic on Friday. “Whew buying a million dollar home is not for the weak,” LaTisha wrote, adding a 😫 emoji. “It’s def a sellers market right now lawdddd pray for us,” she continued. “We close on our new home soon 🥰.”

On Wednesday, LaTisha shared an interior photo of what I assume is the house she and Kieth are buying. “Sneakpeak #collierestate,” LaTisha wrote in the caption. “Look at our laundry room yall😫🥰❤️.”

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier's new house photos


The laundry room photo shared by LaTisha is from a property listing that is currently “pending” with an offer. It’s unclear at this time what the offer is, but the list price for the home is $895,000.

The house is a BEAUTIFUL five bedroom, five bathroom home with 5,470 square feet. Counting the finished basement, the home is three stories with a large back deck and in-ground swimming pool.

The meticulously landscaped property is located on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities area.

Congratulations to LaTisha and Keith! The house is simply stunning! We will keep an eye out and update once the two have successfully closed.

UPDATE – The listing for the property was “pending sale” from August 16, 2023 until February 1, 2024 when the listing was removed. The house was listed for sale again at $895,000 on February 3.

I’m not sure what happened, but having a “pending sale” for more than five months sounds like a nightmare for the seller! I don’t know if it’s related, but LaTisha was sued on January 17, 2024 by someone who appears to be a real estate agent. It’s unclear exactly how much the lawsuit is for, and for what.

LaTisha filed a counter claim on January 26. The amount of her counterclaim appears to be $5,000.


As Starcasm previously reported, LaTisha was sued for eviction by the owner of her previous home earlier this year. LaTisha later explained in an interview that she was confused because she didn’t read the rent-to-own contract that she signed.

To secure the option to buy the house prior to September of 2025, LaTisha paid $40,000 in cash up front and agreed to pay an additional $228.00 per month — all of which would be credited towards the purchase of the property if LaTisha exercised the option.

LaTisha’s landlord stated in previous court documents that LaTisha owed $13,239.00 in unpaid rent, unpaid option payments, late fees, and attorney’s fees as of November 11, 2022.

The eviction case was dismissed with prejudice “pursuant to a settlement agreement” on September 1. “With prejudice” means the case cannot be filed again. It’s unclear what the terms of the settlement were.


LaTisha Collier’s Boss Tax and Accounting Services business has also had eviction issues. Boss T&A was evicted from their Davenport, Iowa office in July. That is the location where LaTisha filmed some of her scenes for Love During Lockup.

According to court documents, LaTisha’s business owed more than $38,000 for unpaid rent, utilities, recovery fees, and other charges.

After Starcasm broke the news about the eviction, LaTisha was asked about it during her appearance on The Dominick Nati Show.

“The whole time we were fighting, so we weren’t paying for a while,” LaTisha says of her relationship with the property owner, adding that it was “over six months” that her business wasn’t paying rent. LaTisha confirms she owed “like thirty thousand dollars.”

LaTisha eventually seems to concede the dispute was her fault. “On my end, I just f***ed up.” So, why didn’t she pay the rent amount she agreed to? “I wasn’t gonna give him that sh**t knowing I’m fixin’ to move!”

Roughly one month after Boss T&A was evicted from their Davenport, Iowa location, the business was sued by the owner of the building housing their Waterloo, Iowa location.

From the filing on August 21:

You are notified that Plaintiff(s) demand(s) from you the amount of $4,243.68 plus court costs based on (state briefly the basis for the demand, not to exceed $6500):

Tenant Owes:

Rent: $3450
Utilities: $552.58
Late Fees: $176.10
Process Server: $65

Tenant sent 2 checks for settlement payment, both bounced – she has not responded to phone or text.

LaTisha responded to our article about the Waterloo lawsuit by revealing she had no idea her business had been sued! Here’s the comment she left on our Facebook post about the article:

Thank you for the article Asa! I’m glad I keep you busy busy busyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m actually grateful for this article because I had never recieved this notice of any type of small claims from the OLD owner of my Waterloo office. Thank you. I’ve reached out to him to get this resolved. Until next time 🫶🏼

After leaving that comment, LaTisha provided more information on Instagram. From our previous post:

LaTisha then posted a series of screen capped text messages that look to be between her and the landlord for her Waterloo office. In the text exchange, she admits she didn’t know about the lawsuit and that she had to find out from a news article. “What can we do to resolve this? I don’t want a judgment,” LaTisha wrote.

“After I receive the money order I will notify the court to drop the case,” the landlord (I assume) responded. “Until then it will proceed.”

LaTisha concluded the conversation by asking that she be served with any future legal paperwork at the new Davenport location of Boss Tax and Accounting Services.

It seems the person LaTisha was texting with never got the money order. The case is still open. According to court docket entries, the person followed LaTisha’s instructions and served her at the new Boss Tax and Accounting Services office in Davenport on September 12.

In addition to that lawsuit, LaTisha’s Boss Tax and Accounting Services location in Waterloo has since been sued for eviction. Waterloo Commercial, LLC filed an Original Notice and Petition for Forcible Entry and Detainer on September 30.

From the filing:

1. You are notified that Plaintiff(s) demand(s) from you possession of 531 Commercial St., Suite 300, Waterloo, IA 50701 because: Failure to vacate property – holdover tenant – after lease termination for cause – material breaches of lease regarding failure to pay rent, failure to pay utilities, failure to timely make payments.

It doesn’t appear as though LaTisha has been served yet, so it could be that she finds out about this legal action from Starcasm too.

UPDATE – Boss Tax and Accounting Services was evicted from their Waterloo, Iowa location in October, 2023.


LaTisha’s Boss Tax and Accounting Services was sued by Lamar outdoor advertising on August 1. The judge entered a default judgement of $4,285 (plus interest and court costs) in favor of Lamar on September 7.

Gray Media Group, which looks to own at least one television station, sued Boss Tax and Accounting Services in April of this year. That amount is listed as $5,500.00 in the dockets. A default judgment was filed in June.

A security company sued Boss Tax and Accounting Services in June of 2021 for $3,143.96. An order for judgment was entered in November of 2021.

LaTisha was sued by Consolidated Investors, LLC on multiple occasions in late 2021. The lawsuit was in regards to a lease, but it’s unclear if it was a commercial lease. There was an order for judgment filed in that case in December of 2021.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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