RHOP Gordon Thornton, 71, accuses Mia Thornton, 38, of being a gold digger

“She’s leaving me because she sees an upgrade.” Gordon Thornton, 71, isn’t holding back when it comes to his wife Real Housewives of Potomac star Mia Thornton, 38.

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Mia and Gordon Thornton

Real Housewives of Potomac star Mia Thornton is getting a divorce. The 38 year old has been married to Gordon Thornton, age 71, for 11 years.

Gordon has been featured on RHOP since wife Mia joined the series in season 6, even participating in the reunion specials. Mia has admitted she was a Housewives superfan before being cast.


Though the pair met at a high end strip club, the two are now parents to son Jeremiah and daughter Juju. Fans may remember he told Mia to “shut the fu*k up” in front of the other couples on RHOP.

Fans are ready for Mia Thornton’s return to #RHOP

Gordon Thornton speaks out

It was announced that the pair are getting a divorce ahead of the release of the trailer for Real Housewives of Potomac.

What we didn’t expect is that Gordon is looking for a fight, accusing Mia of being a gold digger:

Thornton told TMZ:

I absolutely believe her leaving me now is tied to the fact that I don’t have access to assets and my funds are limited at this point in time. […] I absolutely believe that she’s leaving me because she sees an upgrade.

According to Gordon, Mia has been sneaking around with someone she “talks on the phone with at 2 AM.” Thornton believes the mystery man’s financial status is what has Mia most interested.

As for their marriage, Thornton makes it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with the Real Housewife.

My desire is to never, ever, ever be associated with her again beyond our co-parenting situation. If we end up getting back together, it will only truly be for some advantage for the kids. It wouldn’t be for love.

The Real Housewives of Potomac returns to Bravo Tuesday, October 17.

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