UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan baby shower and baby bump photos

TLC Unexpected Jenna Ronan baby shower photos

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan is currently expecting her second child, and this weekend her friends and family threw her a baby shower to celebrate the imminent arrival.

The first images or video from Jenna’s baby shower shared on social media was an Instagram gallery posted by her dad, Matt Ronan.

The photos feature Jenna’s dad Matt, stepmom Cathy Ronan, and her two younger brothers. Here are some more photos from the shower taken from a brief video posted by Jenna on TikTok:

Unexpected Jenna Ronan baby shower cake
Jenna Ronan baby shower James
TLC Unexpected Jenna Ronan baby shower for James decorations

UPDATE – Jenna shared a gallery of baby shower photos, which included her mom Heather. Oh man! A baby shower with Heather AND Matt in attendance?! You KNOW the cameras were rolling for that drama!

Jenna officially announced her pregnancy back in April. The baby will be her second, and first with her current boyfriend, JJ Della. The new addition will be joining three-year-old big brother Luca, whose dad is Aden Albright.

A few weeks after the pregnancy announcement, Jenna shared a gender reveal clip with JJ and Luca revealing that she is having a boy.

What is Jenna’s baby’s name going to be? We don’t have a definitive answer to this question from Jenna, but she did share a photo of Luca next to a crib that had the name James on a blue blanket.

When is Jenna Ronan due?

Jenna is clearly very far along in the baby shower photos, but how far along is she exactly? The 20-year-old reality star has been sharing A LOT of posts on social media throughout her pregnancy, but she has remained a bit coy about how far along she is, as well as her due date.

However, there is a brief clip posted in Jenna’s Instagram stories on May 12 that is labeled as “4 months.” Going by that, she is currently about 9 months pregnant and likely due any day!

The nine months pregnant theory certainly jibes with Jenna’s large belly! Here are two photos of her baby bump from her baby shower:

Unexpected Jenna Ronan pregnant with James 2023

And a couple more Jenna Ronan baby bump pics from the past couple weeks:

TLC Unexpected Pregnant Jenna Ronan 2023

When is Unexpected Season 6 airing?

As we previously reported, Jenna Ronan will reportedly be back on TLC for Unexpected Season 6. She will be joined by returning mom Lilly Bennett and two new moms.

The casting news was shared by Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group (@everything_tlc_unexpected on Instagram) admin Susanna Resch way back in March.

Susanna has an impeccable history of sharing accurate behind-the-scenes information about Unexpected, especially in regards to casting and production timelines. And speaking of production timelines, here is an excerpt from our previous post about the potential premiere date for Unexpected Season 6:

“Unexpected Season 6 is coming and believe me there will be no shortage of drama and shocking moments!” group admin Susanna Resch wrote moments ago.

Susanna says that producers still do not know when Unexpected Season 6 will premiere. “BUT I can tell you that filming has MOSTLY been completed for all the cast members with just one more big event set to film this month,” Susanna says, adding a winky face emoji. “Which means if all goes well then Season 6 premiere will be sooner then later!”

I assume the “big event” is Lilly and Lawrence’s highly anticipated wedding. That will clearly be a huge part of her story line this season I’m sure.

It was more recently revealed that the reported “big event” is actually Jenna Ronan giving birth. It’s unclear why production would wait that long, but it is looking to be an accurate report.

We will continue to monitor Jenna’s pregnancy and we’ll be sure to update as soon as the baby arrives! We will also keep monitoring any and all news about Unexpected Season 6 and will be sure to announce the due date for the arrival of that as soon as we know.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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