19 KIDS AND COUNTING See which Duggar is a Swiftie!

Even though the Duggers grew up believing that most music is sinful, this 19 Kids and Counting daughter is breaking the rules and staning Taylor Swift like the rest of us.

See who attended The Era’s Tour movie in the theater this weekend…

Duggars and Music

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar follow the teachings of the Institute and Basic Life Principles. This conservative Christian organization has been under scrutiny lately for its cult like teachings and sexual abuse allegations.

The IBLP warns against music, including Christian music, as it stirs up feelings in people and makes them want to move their body. (aka NO DANCING!)

COUNTING ON Jessa Seewald lets children break this MAJOR Duggar rule

Because of this, the Duggers grew up with very little music besides instrumental. Recently, Jessa showed that she is not keeping this rule for her own children as they were allowed to dance together to a secular song.

Taylor Swift The Era’s Tour film

This weekend Taylor Swift released her Era’s Tour documentary in movie theaters across the country. The concert film pulled in between $95 million to $97 million during its opening weekend

A surprising attendant to the film was none other than Jinger Duggar. Friends of hers posted on their story that they went to the movie together as a girls night.

What would Jim Bob think knowing that Jinger was dancing along to Taylor’s sexy Reputation set?

He might be extra mad because it’s a movie… another form of media the Duggers were not allowed to consume as children. Jinger has expressed that she watches movies and television shows that would not be ILBP approved.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo break another infamous Duggar family rule

Vuolo has been quoted as saying her favorite TV show is The Crown on Netflix.

It is interesting to note Jinger didn’t seem to dress up in theme for the event like her two other friends did. We can’t help but wonder which album is Jinger’s favorite… we’re guessing Folklore? Or maybe Lover

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