Derick Dillard taunts Jim Bob Duggar: Jill is debt free thanks to scathing memoir

19 Kids and Counting‘s Derick Dillard called The Ramsey Show to ask advice on what to do with profits from Jill’s scathing memoir Counting the Cost.

Was Jim Bob Duggar listening? Fans think that the Dillard’s may be taunting Jill’s estranged father.

Keep reading to watch the podcast and see how much Jill has raked in from her tell-all…

Jill and Derrick

Jill Duggar Dillard is the 4 child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents behind the series 19 Kids and Counting which follows their supersized fundamentalist family.

Jill was the first female sibling to marry, tying the knot with Derick Dillard in 2014 after a long courtship that spanned all the way to Nepal. She has often sited Derrick as her soulmate and they truly do come off as best friends

Derick recently helped Jill pen a tell-all memoir about her family that is now skyrocketing up the New York Times Bestsellers list and is currently at number 2.

Counting the Cost

Dillard’s book, Counting the Cost, is the Duggar child’s personal memoir which promised to tell the truth about her controversial upbringing. 

Jim Bob Duggar’s official statement on Jill Dillard’s scathing memoir

Released on September 12, 2023, publisher Simon & Schuster describe the book:

For the first time, discover the unedited truth about the Duggars, the traditional Christian family that captivated the nation on TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting. Jill Duggar and her husband Derick are finally ready to share their story, revealing the secrets, manipulation, and intimidation behind the show that remained hidden from their fans.

Jill and Derick have been promoting their tell-all on news outlets, but it was a call to The Ramsey Show that really sparked fans interest…

Dillard on The Ramsey Show

Derick Dillard called into The Ramsey Show, a podcast where host Dave Ramsey gives financial advice to people with little background when it comes to money management.

Since 1992, “The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your life—no matter what stupid mistakes you’ve made with money.”

Dillard called in to ask questions about what to do with Jill’s memoir money and during the conversation spilled the beans about how much moolah was being raked in from the tell-all. The call begins 1hr 25min into the podcast:

Derick explains that his wife had just published a New York Times Bestseller last month and they had already started bringing in money from the book, including a $50,000 check on the book’s release date. He also revealed that they are debt-free and able to pay off their house.

The Dillards also have a good chunk of cash in an emergency fund… which is helpful incase Jim Bob officially cuts them out of his will.

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