Anna Duggar spotted with Michelle Duggar in rare sighting after blow out fight with Jim Bob

19 Kids and Counting Josh Duggar’s wife Anna was spotted with mother in law Michelle Duggar in a rare appearance. This comes after reports the reality star is feuding with her father Jim Bob Duggar. Josh is currently in prison for possessing child p0rnography. 

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Anna Keller Duggar

Anna Keller Duggar, 35, is best known by audiences of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. Keller married Joshua Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest son, in 2008.

Keller is the 5th child of Mike and Suzette, who have 7 children – most famous being Pricilla Keller Waller, David Waller’s wife. David is in hot water of his own for inappropriate contact with young women, similar to brother in law Josh.

IBLP cult survivor names Duggar associate David Waller as ‘assistant groomer’ to Bill Gothard

Josh and Anna were the first Duggars to get married on reality tv, and the first couple in the family to pursue a courtship and a marriage. Duggar proposed to Keller on her 20th birthday and was featured on the 17 Kids and Counting episode “Josh Gets Engaged.”

Trouble in Duggarville

There have been many issues in the Duggar family since Josh Duggar has found himself in one uncompromising situation after another. Being named in the Ashley Madison cheating scandal leak, inappropriately touching his own siblings when he was younger, and a 12 year jail sentence for possessing child p0rn.

Some of the Duggar’s have reacted by speaking out against the family – denouncing Josh and the conservative Christian teachings that caused the family to hide their truth for so long. The Institute in Basic Life Principles promotes antiquated gender roles, modesty and abstinence. 

Jill and Jinger have made their feelings known through tell all memoirs- both of which made the New York Times Best Sellers lists upon their release. Cousin Amy participated in the docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, telling her side of the “toxic” “cult like” organization IBLP.

A rare Duggar sighting

The last time that there was an Anna Duggar sighting Cousin Amy King was claiming to have had an awkward run in with her at a mutual acquaintances funeral. Allegedly Anna was super mad and told Amy to give her space.

THE DUGGARS Cousin Amy has run-in with Anna Duggar “She looked so angry!”

It is also a rumor that Anna has been basically excommunicated by Jim Bob. The Duggar daughter in law has been feuding with the patriarch ever since he reportedly “kicked her out” of the warehouse she and her 7 kids were living in on their property.

If she is feuding with her in laws, it’s very surprising then that she was spotted with none other than Michelle Duggar. At what is assumed to be a religious camp, Michelle, Anna, Pricillia Waller and others posed for photos.

Is this a sign that the feud is over or is Michelle crossing the picket lines to hang out with her daughter in law Anna? Either way we’re glad to see Anna smiling… maybe she’s only in a bad mood around Amy?

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