David Eason charged with child abuse, ‘possibility’ Jenelle will be charged too

David Eason mug shot photos

Former Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason has been charged with child abuse stemming from an altercation with his 14-year-old stepson, Jace Evans.

TMZ broke the news about the charge and reveals that it is a misdemeanor. “Our law enforcement sources tell us while Jenelle hasn’t yet been charged, there’s a possibility she could eventually face charges as well,” TMZ reveals.

The Ashley has been following the investigation into David and Jenelle very closely, including the multiple instances of Jace running away from The Land after Jenelle got custody of him from her mother, Barbara Evans, earlier this year.

In early October, The Ashley shared details from the police report after Jace made headlines for running away for the third time in two months. According to the report, police were contacted by Barbara Evans after Jace called her.

“[Barbara] advised that she had spoken to [Jace] earlier in the evening when he called from an unknown number and told her about being assaulted by David Eason and that he ran away and was hiding,” the officer wrote in the report.

Barbara said Jace requested that she come get him, but she was unable to due to the custody situation with Jenelle. Jace was later found and taken to a local hospital.

“The incident between Jace and David was recorded on a neighbor’s Ring camera and that footage was turned over to authorities almost immediately,” The Ashley later reported.

Jenelle Eason responds to David’s child abuse charge

Jenelle Eason responded to news breaking about the charge of child abuse being filed against David Eason with two written statements posted in her Instagram stories:

You would think police wouldn’t make a one sided police investigation.

They didn’t conduct interviews. Didn’t ask any information from the parents. This seems like a very bias situation like everytime before.

I trusted that detective with all my heart.. Forgot you can’t trust cops… Silly me.

I do not trust anyone around me. Going MIA for a while. ✌️

Columbus County Sheriffs Department I believe is the one doing the smearing campaign against my husband and needs to be held responsible.

Literally they told details to the media about a minor and gave no f**ks. Have the emails to prove it. An open investigation is suppose to be kept private under all circumstances especially when it involves kids.

Let’s go to court, I’ve been waiting on our day. I feel so violated by the system. Wait until the day you hear the truth.. You will be begging me not to sue you.

UPDATE – More from Jenelle on Instagram:

“I would never think that of you two, you guys are both great parents. Dont believe the media, im telling you myself everything is okay on my end.”

Sureee Mr. Detective, why is your office leaking everything?

“It’s not our office, I promise it’s not coming from us… But your mom on the other hand.. All she kept talking about was MTV this and MTV that”

So now you understand my frustration, now you understand where I get my information. I was being lied to this entire time. Proper protocol was not followed.

I have no idea what human being I can trust anymore, not even my own blood.
Im being fed all these different stories from different people. People trying to get on my good side.. To then again betray me over and over.

The media won’t give me time to breath [sic].

I know the truth and so does God.

Jenelle has publicly taken David’s side throughout all of the issues with Jace since Jenelle got custody.

“My children are always first…” Jenelle tweeted on October 2. “That’s why they are still in my custody, yall don’t know shiiiiiiit. I don’t post everything.”

That tweet was immediately followed by two more:

This isn’t about David whether you want to blame him or not. My mom says a lot of untrue things lately to everyone about me but wanted me to have custody? Imagine what you don’t hear from my side 🧐

Honestly idk why my own mother is acting the way she is. I feel now she’s using police to falsely report just trying to make us look bad as a family. There are multiple people involved in this situation and they know the truth, and so does God. 🙏❤️

When Jace was in court, he reportedly mentioned instances of abuse with his siblings. The Ashley says police and CPS are investigating all of the allegations.

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