NYC PREP Where are they now: Camille Hughes

It’s been 14 years since Bravo’s “real life Gossip Girl” graced our screens. Where is NYC Prep star Camille Hughes now? Did she ever go to Harvard?

Keep reading for some major updates…

NYC Prep

NYC Prep was an E! reality series that ran for 1 single season in 2009. The show followed elite New York City teenagers who were students in the elite world of prep school.

Sebastian Oppenheim, Peter Cary “PC” Peterson, Jessie Leavitt, Kelli Tomashoff, Taylor DiGiovanni and Camille Hughes were all filmed during their Junior-Senior years as they enjoyed the end of high school and prepared for life in the real world.

NYC PREP Where are they now: Sebastian Oppenheim

Camille Hughes

Camille Hughes was the Blair Waldorf of “the real life Gossip Girl” that was NYC Prep. Hughes was a type-A overachiever hell bent on attending Harvard.

Hughes major drama centered around the fact that she needed to have more volunteer credits and wanted to break in to Operation Smile, which was run by resident mean girl and gatekeeper Jessie Leavitt.

For the record, Hughes never made it to Harvard. She explained this and other interesting facts in an Instagram AMA 182 weeks ago.

Camille Paquette married and expecting

Where is Camille Hughes now? Well, for starters, you’ll have an easier time searching for her if you look up Camille Paquette. The NYC Prep star got engaged twice to the same man, Michael Paquette, during COVID-19.

The pair officially tied the knot in a glamorous ceremony held in 2022 at their “favorite restaurant” S.Y. Kitchen in New York. The two looked like old Hollywood royalty as they cut their wedding cake.

Without missing a beat, the Paquettes are expanding their family. Yes, NYC Prep‘s Camille Hughes is expecting! As was announced on Instagram with a photo of her ultrasound.

Baby Paquette is expected in December.

Congratulations to Camille Hughes Paquette!

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