THE DUGGARS Jason Duggar, 23, posts shirtless thirst trap with male friend

19 Kids and Counting star Jason Duggar, 23, posted a shirtless thirst trap to his Instagram that included a male friend who was also shirtless.

Read more to see the shockingly un-Duggar-friendly image here…

The Duggars modesty 

The Duggars are known for their conservative Christian values and 19 kids as was documented in the TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting.

In recent years the famous family has been under fire for a number of scandals, mostly surrounding eldest brother Josh Duggar, who was exposed in the Ashley Madison cheating leak and was also sent to prison for possessing inappropriate child p0rnography.

Despite these demons, the family still adheres to the teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which drills topics like tradition gender roles, homosexuality as a sin, and modesty of dress.

While some of the Duggar siblings have spoken out against these strict teachings, even referring to them as a damaging “cult,” many of the reality stars, including most of the boys, are still on their parents side when it comes to the growing family feud. 

Jason Duggar thirst trap

Jason Duggar, 23, posted the most shocking thing to Instagram imaginable to a Duggar fan (and he has sisters calling their parents cult members on the ‘gram…)

Yes, Jason Duggar posted a SHIRTLESS THIRST TRAP. And not only that, he’s next to another shirtless man. Oh my!

This is by far the most skin we’ve seen from a Duggar, as members of the conservative Christian family were never allowed to go to the beach or even wear sleeveless tops. In fact, the only “modesty” rules the boys really have is to wear a shirt with sleeves.

19 KIDS AND COUNTING Jana Duggar shocks in her most revealing outfit yet!

While its shocking news when his sisters wear pants, apparently in a post-Duggar society its okay for the brothers to pose shirtless in queer-coded scenarios. 

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