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Robyn Brown and Meri Brown

The Brown family from TLC’s Sister Wives continues to implode as it is looking more and more likely that Kody Brown will be forced into monogamy with his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown.

Second wife Christine Brown and third wife Janelle Brown have both stated it was difficult to be close with Robyn and her children, but Robyn has argued that she did everything she could to build a bond with the OG Browns.

First wife Meri Brown has always been #TeamRobyn, but even she has had some substantial hurdles to overcome when trying to (literally) get close to Robyn and her family.

Sister Wives viewers will likely recall the second episode of Season 16, titled “Four Wives, Three Fires,” in which the Browns were planning a family get together on Coyote Pass in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

Kody and Robyn had very strict COVID protocols that most of the rest of the Brown family weren’t willing to adhere to. As a result, the family get together was going to be one in which Robyn’s family would have to social distance from the other Browns.

However, Meri Brown was completely compliant with Kody and Robyn’s COVID protocols, and she wanted nothing more than to be able to be physically close to Robyn’s kids at the event. Kody seemed to support allowing Meri to interact with Robyn and her kids when he brought up the idea with Robyn herself.

“Meri’s been quarantined literally for weeks now,” Kody began. “Would you be comfortable with her helping us with Ari and Sol? Could Ari sit on her lap, because she’s literally been, like, literally been quarantined.”

Robyn seemed to be clearly against the idea, but she stumbled over her own words when trying to come up with a response. “I don’t know. Well, what — I mean — I would be great with that, but I don’t know what, like, how is everybody else gonna see that, Kody?” she said.

Robyn’s confessional:

I would love to be able to have my kids, you know, interact and hang out with Meri. But how will the other wives and the other kids kind of take it if, all of a sudden, Kody says, ‘Hey, you guys can interact and touch each other?’ This isn’t the right time to just kind of throw that in there because we’ve never discussed it.

Kody, who was planning to build three fire pits for the family get together, argued that denying Meri access to Robyn’s children would essentially mean she’d have to sit by her own fire by herself. “Well, Meri is going to have to sit by one fire, because I’m only building three,” he said. “So she’s going to have to be in another group.”

“Right,” Robyn said. “But see, Meri’s really good about the social distancing thing. She’s really good about just being really careful. She has been.”

Robyn then used Meri’s COVID compliance against her. “But I just don’t know how that’ll — how that will come across to everybody else. Is it a thing that makes everybody feel like, ‘We don’t have to follow rules’ or something, ‘and they do?’ You know what I’m saying?”

Kody reluctantly conceded. “Alright. Now’s not the time to modify the rules, I guess.”

“No,” Robyn iterated. “No, no, no, no. This needs to be a nice, happy family experience.”

Despite Meri’s continued adherence to the Kody and Robyn’s COVID restrictions, she rarely ever has an opportunity to interact with Robyn’s children.

Sister Wives bonus clip

Robyn paid a rare visit to Meri’s house earlier this season, and the two wives had a rather open discussion abut the state of the Brown family and the state of Meri’s relationship with Kody (and Robyn).

Sister Wives viewers have noticed Meri is less willing to say only what Robyn and Kody want to hear, and that was evident in Meri and Robyn’s talk. It was especially evidence in a Sister Wives bonus clip featured on the “More To Love” re-airing of the episode.


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In the scene, Meri got right to the point by bringing up the fact that she would like to see Robyn’s children more often.

“I miss the kids,” Meri said flatly.

“Well, I’ll schedule a get together,” Robyn replied.

Meri gestured out the window of her rather amazing Flagstaff house. “I have a nice yard!” she said. “Any time you want to come over.”

Robyn seemed to pick up on how serious Meri was being, but she continued to try to downplay things by making small talk. “Yeah, I know. Finally the snow finally melted, oh my gosh.”

There was a period of awkward silence at this moment.

Well,” Robyn eventually said.

More silence.

“We can talk more about this any time you need to talk about it,” Meri pointed out.

“OK. I just want a copy of that contract,” Robyn replied and chuckled awkwardly.

Meri kept up the pressure. “You can call me and text me any time you want.”

The scene cuts to Meri’s confessional, in which it is obvious she’s kind of over Robyn’s faux concern:

I don’t know if Robyn is really, actually concerned. She could call me and invite me over, or say, ‘Hey, I want to come over and bring the kids, so we could see each other,’ if we just made the effort.

The scene cut back to the tension between Robyn and Meri. “OK,” Robyn said as she appeared to either be grimacing or biting her lip.

Meri continued with the bizarre concept of Robyn calling her texting her once in a while. “Say, ‘OK, this is what’s going on with my head.'” Meri laughed.

“Yeah, what the heck?” Robyn replied and chuckled awkwardly again.

Meri gave and exaggerated shrug with her hands, before more silence concluded the scene.

I believe it’s safe to assume Meri didn’t get many (any) follow up texts from Robyn about the kids coming over.

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