Charlie Sheen reaction: Exes speak out about star’s HIV diagnosis

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Yesterday, Charlie Sheen ended weeks of speculation by going on the Today show and announcing that he is HIV positive. The news sparked a flurry of reactions from Sheen’s many exes, not all of whom knew that he had been keeping his diagnosis a secret. Former porn star Bree Olson was the first to open up about her anxieties; since then, many more women have commented, both positively and negatively.

An early November story about a top actor who had been keeping his HIV diagnosis secret for years focused a great deal of speculation on Sheen, who did not offer comment at the time. Gossip and rumors continued to swirl while Sheen kept mum–and then said he was going on the Today show to make a major announcement. According to the interview Sheen gave on Today, he received his diagnosis about four years ago, around the time of his break with Two And a Half Men and his infamous “Winning” interview.

News of the star’s HIV diagnosis broke just ahead of the Today announcement, and many of his exes began worrying–some publicly–about their own health.

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Porn star Tabitha Stevens, who shared a fling with Sheen in the late 90s, took to Twitter to offer her own Charlie Sheen reaction:

By contrast, porn star Ginger Lynn, who dated Sheen 25 years ago, took to her website to describe “one of the most amazing men [she’s] ever known”:  


For those of you…for whom math seems to be a bit of a challenge, Charlie and I were together 25 years ago. According to Charlie himself, he received this awful HIV diagnosis about four years ago. Just to be perfectly clear, today I am healthy and happy. I loved Charlie back then, and I still have love for him today. The Charlie I knew was kind, warm, loving, funny, intelligent and generous. I wish everyone could know that man. HIV is not a joke, nor is it a punchline to some offensive comments about my friend Charlie Sheen. And shame on those of you who think for some twisted reason it’s funny. Because it’s not. I thought that we as a society had moved beyond that — beyond the stigma. To Charlie, my utmost respect for your interview today. And all my continued best wishes for your health. If there is anything I can do to help, I’ll be there for you as always.

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Porn star Bree Olson, who lived with Sheen as one of his “goddesses” in 2011, shared her anxiety and nervousness via Twitter while waiting for the results of her own HIV test.

Olson later went on the Howard Stern Show to further explain her thoughts on the matter, and to share the results of her test, which was negative:

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As for Sheen’s ex-wives, at least one of them allegedly knew that Sheen was HIV positive. While Denise Richards has not offered a formal Charlie Sheen reaction, a source close to Richards told People that “She’s known Charlie was HIV-positive for a number of years.”

The source continued: “He was infected after they divorced, and they haven’t been intimate since. Neither [Richards] nor their daughters [Sam, 11, and Lola, 9] are HIV-positive.”

Sheen and Richards were began dating in 2001, and were married from 2002 to 2006. Sheen’s first wife, Donna Peele, to whom he was married from 1995 to 96, has not offered a comment. Neither has Sheen’s third and most recent wife, Brooke Mueller, to whom he was married from 2008 until 2011.


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